Monday, June 25, 2007


This post almost didn't get written. Which is saying a lot, considering it's my first post, and not writing a first post means nothing gets posted at all. Just a blank web page staring back at the multitudes of people I'd told about my new blog when I was sure I'd be diving into the whole process head first and RIGHT AWAY.

I wanted my first post to be great- catchy and witty and meaningful and an indication of all the wonderful posts to come. Since I couldn't come up with something that was all of those things, my page remained empty.

Oh, except for the side bar, which I spent a lot of time on because I love to organize things, and I wanted to look at pretty book covers and see Le Crueset pots scroll by. So that part was done, but the actual point of having a blog, the blogging, was missing. Until this morning (hence this post).

My posts may not be witty and meaningful, but I hope they will nonetheless reveal what a wonderful and blessed life I have. As a wife, a mom, a friend, and someone who everyone has always thought was a little crazy (crazy in the good way, I hope).

I'm diving in.

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  1. Good thing you published this first one! Happy Blog Birthday!


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