Friday, July 13, 2007

Like Mother Like Daughter

As I've mentioned before, Gabi looks exactly like her dad. She is his feminine clone. When we first saw her face in a 3D ultrasound, I told everyone, "She looks just like Gilberto!" And everyone said, "How on earth can you tell?" But then she was born, and everyone said, "Wow, she looks just like Gilberto!" I absolutely love that she has this connection to her dad, including facial expressions that only the two of them can make. I haven't been left on the sidelines, though. She ACTS just like me.

My poor mother, since she watches Gabi while we work, is now having to live through her second round of caring for a super active non-stop talking preschooler. If Gabi isn't running, she's jumping or skipping or building blanket forts with lawn chairs and lugging half the house outside to decorate her fort with. Or as soon as my mom goes upstairs, Gabi goes downstairs, and when my mom follows, Gabi goes back upstairs. And so on until everyone is out of breathe.

The "Why?" questions have also started, and since Gabi has a strong curiosity about everything, we hear it ALL THE TIME. Here's a trick of the trade that I just discovered- if I answer a question, then quickly ask HER a why question, she'll answer and we can move on.

Gabi: Mommy, why is that doggy wearing a leash?
Me: To keep him safe. So he doesn't get hit by a car or get lost.
Gabi: Why?
Me: Because the owner would be sad if either of those things happened.
Gabi: Why?
Me: Because the owner loves his doggy.
Gabi: Why?
Me: Why does the owner love his doggy?
Gabi: Because the doggy likes to lick his face! Canyon licks my face! And licks water from my pool! Can I swim in my pool when we get home?

I just realized that I haven't shared this tip with my mom yet. I'll have to let her in on my distraction technique, though she might have a pretty good one of her own.

When my mom says, "Gabi acts JUST like you did when you were her age," I swell up a bit. My genes are in her after all! So what, beyond her budding interest in decorating, would cause me to blush even more with pride? My absolute favorite thing to do in life is to organize. And make lists to stay organized. And there is no satisfaction like being able to check something off of one of my lists! I even put little boxes next to each item for this purpose. My mom told me the other day that Gabi loves to make lists. She'll sit at the desk and say, "Grandma, this is my list, and I'm marking things off." JUST LIKE ME. That's my girl! She has already picked up on the benefits and joys of living an organized life. I can see the two of us a few years down the road, spending quality time together while cleaning out the linen closet.

As for now, maybe she'd be more willing to pick up her toys if we put it as an action item on a To Do list.

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