Friday, August 31, 2007

Living the Night Life

My mom took Gabi to see Shamu Nights last night. The day started with Gabi jumping on our bed, chanting, "I'm going to see Shamu today! I'm going to see Shamu today!" She was just beside herself with excitement. I think everyone should start their day by jumping on the bed. It could replace coffee.

Show time was at 8:30, and despite fighting both Chargers AND Padres traffic, they got there early enough to walk around the park a bit before heading to Shamu Stadium to secure seats (an hour before the show!). Gabi watched the dolphins and whales swim for quite a while, then sadly looked up at her Grandma and asked, "Is the show over now?" Oh, sweetie, just you wait!

Once the show started, it was a huge display of rock music, colorful lighting, and dancing. Yep, the trainers got down with the music and boogied all over the place. Oh, wait, can you boogie to rock music? Well, anyway, they really went to town with their dancing. And Shamu did some stuff, too.

It was a totally magical evening for Gabi, and her first time seeing fireworks! She kept looking up at her Grandma with her mouth open in total awe.

It was also magical for Gilberto and I- we were without Gabi for a whole evening and actually left the house to see a movie! We saw The Bourne Ultimatum. Am I the only one who thinks Jason and Nikki should totally hook up?

When they finally arrived home last night, at 10:30, Gabi was exhausted. Gilberto got her out of the car, and Gabi clung to him all the way up to bed. She could barely nod yes when we asked her if she had a good time! This morning she woke up right on time at 6:00 and eagerly told us what a great time she had. I thought she'd sleep in a bit more, so maybe my mom will be blessed with a napping preschooler later today.

My mom and Gabi have annual passes to Sea World, and on average they go a few times a month. I love that they have this special bonding experience, just the two of them. They both love the ocean and marine life, and get to share their joy with each other. Whenever they go, Gabi comes home so excited to tell us what she did and saw that day.

Shamu Nights is over until next year, but I have a feeling now that Gabi has had a taste of evening entertainment, they'll be going quite a bit next summer. On those nights you'll find Gilberto and I out and about living it up as best a married couple with a kid can, at the movie theater. Preferably the early evening showing so we can still get a good night's sleep.

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