Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Super Secret Concert Passwords

I was listening to my favorite morning talk show during my drive to work this morning (slush for the morning, NPR for my afternoon drive home). They were talking about the new Van Halen tour coming up, and how a few of them were going to buy tickets to the very first concert somewhere over on the other side of the States (Alabama? New Jersey?) to ensure that they get to see it, as I guess last time the band broke up mid-tour and everyone is worried it will happen again. Though Eddie was just in rehab and might be better for it. Anyway, one of them signed up online for VIP status so he could get the super secret password to book VIP tickets, and it turned out to be... VAN HALEN.

It reminded me of when we bought our Wiggles tickets last year. It was going to be Gabi's first concert, and I wanted the super special VIP Friends and Family seating. I submitted a request to my online bargain site for the password, and let me just say, I can always count on my online bargain friends to come through in times of need. But the super secret password? WIGGLES. How super secret was that? It worked, though, and we got some great seats. And Gabi loved every minute of the first ten minutes, making it totally worth my freaking out over what seats to get and the hour long drive each way.

We have no interest in seeing Van Halen when they come to town. We have Sesame Street tickets to book instead (our tastes have become super sophisticated). And now that I know the super secret password naming convention, I think I might be able to get great seats without bothering anyone online or signing up for a fan club.

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