Friday, September 28, 2007

The Caliph's House

I am ready to pack up my family and move to Morocco!

I just finished reading The Caliph's House- A Year in Casablanca. One of the best travel/expat books I've read so far! The imagery was amazing. I felt as if I was there, seeing and hearing what life is like in the heart of Casablanca, because of the author's beautifully descriptive writing. I guess that's the point of most travel novels, but this one absolutely succeeds.

And since I know I can't REALLY move there, I'm going to incorporate some Moroccan magic into my ho-hum American life. Like tiles! And fruit trees! Wait until you see my patio next summer.

I just placed two more of his books on my book wish list for future purchasing.

And now I move on to reading The Memory Keeper's Daughter.

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  1. oi lindinha!!!

    see...somethimes i read your blog too!


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