Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If You Can't Find Me, I've Melted

What a weekend. A hot, humid, humorless weekend.

I busted our budget because I couldn't stand the thought of cooking, even if it only involved cutting up vegetables for a salad. That would've required effort, and any ounce of effort this weekend resulted in the loss of at least a bucket of sweat. I didn't want to dehydrate and die on my kitchen floor, so we ate out almost every meal for three straight days. Which was really only about one meal a day, since our appetites were pretty small. I guess that's one good thing about excessive heat!

On Sunday we went to an Italian buffet that we've recently discovered. Air conditioning was our main requirement, but this place also has fantastic food. Gilberto and I got a huge plate of roasted garlic and went to town. Oh, it was soooo good. The cloves practically melted in our mouths. But garlic in huge quantities is never a good idea, unless you plan to be alone for the next 24 hours. For the rest of the day, garlic wafted from our pores and hung around us in clouds. When we dared to speak, the smell of garlic spewed forth so intensely I was afraid I would faint. At the end of the day, we just had to laugh at our miserable selves- there's nothing like taking an overheated house and adding garlic fumes to it to test ones humor!

I tried to cheer up a bit yesterday since it was a holiday, and we had been given a whole day off with pay. That is reason for celebration! People all around us were lighting BBQs and laughing with friends and family. We couldn't get it together enough to join in all the fun, but Gilberto did brave the hot outdoors to stain our fence. I don't know what got into him, but it was something that we needed to do, so I didn't stop him. Besides standing at the screen door watching Gilberto and throwing out an occasional helpful suggestion on how to do it better, I just sat around in front of fans not doing much of anything.

I realized later that he might have been trying to escape my nagging and thought being out under the direct sun slopping stain on the fence for a few hours was worth the alone time.

What he learned: There is NO escape.
What I learned: I'm not very pleasant to be around when it's 100 degrees inside the house.
What we learned: Air conditioning is a wise investment for a happy marriage.

Through it all, Gabi has been a trooper. She didn't break a sweat the whole weekend! Her energy level decreased a tiny bit, and she took a few time outs from playing to come sit in my lap in front of the fan, but nothing seems to slow this child down. She even weathered not being able to swim in her pool for most of Monday, because the stain had to dry, quite well. Instead she found imaginative things to do, like feed sugar to the ants, and coloring Simba's head red with a marker.

The one and only thing I was supposed to do over the weekend was get our suitcases out from under the stairs for an upcoming trip. But it was too muggy under there. I'm hoping the weather gets better before tomorrow, when I have to pack us up, so I can venture under the stairs without feeling like I'm in a sauna. We're heading to Denver, and lucky us, I just found out they're having a heat wave, too.

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