Thursday, September 20, 2007

Making Sure She Gets Her Cake

I just received an invitation to view some photos of the wedding we went to in Colorado. These aren't the professional ones taken by The Photographer, but pics that family members took on the days leading up to the wedding, and a few at the reception.

I was having such a great time looking through them until I came to the cake cutting pictures. There she is, standing RIGHT BESIDE the bride, hands clutching the edge of the table trying to get as close the the cake as possible. My child.

I was immediately transported back in time to the moment I thought something terrible was about to happen. I couldn't hear Gabi running around anymore. The room had gotten silent, and everyone was looking over at the bride and groom standing near the cake table. "Oh, no" I thought. "WHERE IS GABI?" If there was cake cutting about to begin, I needed to find and hold my cake-loving daughter closely.

My eyes were finally able to make out the bow of her sash at the very front of the group. But she was even farther up, standing WITH the bride! As I started to make my way forward, the camera flashes started. It was too late for me to usher her away without making a scene that would be caught on film. Extra, Extra, Mother Drags Screaming and Kicking Child Away From Cake Cutting, Causing Cake To Careen To Floor- Pictures On Page 5.

I held my breathe, waiting for the sounds of crashing or angry voices saying, "Where is that child's' mother?!" Then the clapping started. It's over? And nothing bad happened? Luckily, Gabi hadn't brought the table down, stuck her hand in the cake, licked the icing, or put little pebbles from the tables on it as decoration. She had managed to keep her hands away, which to my little cake-loving daughter, must have been so hard to do. But she had also managed to get into all the cake cutting pictures. I felt SO bad.

And looking at the pictures, there she is, the flower girl desperate for cake. The moment forever captured. I can only hope that the bride and groom didn't shoo her away because they thought her being there was cute, and not because they were too smitten with each other to notice. If it's the latter, they know now.

I think I might write the bride a letter.

Dear Bride,
Please let me know when enough time has passed for us to all laugh about the antics of my daughter: the petal possessiveness, the break down right before her walk down the aisle, the wild running about during the reception, and finding her in all of your cake cutting photos. I'm a good mom, really I am, but I just couldn't get to her fast enough to keep her away from the cake. Oh, you should have seen how many times she was at that table before the actual cutting. I had to drag her away from it several times. I told her that she could have cake AFTER it was cut by the bride and groom. I just didn't realize she'd be right there on top of your feet making sure that she was first in line for her piece.
With Humility,
The Mom

And if they aren't ready to laugh, I guess there's always cropping.


  1. For the record, this is the bride commenting. I sent you those pictures of Gabi right beside me during the cake cutting because they were SO CUTE! I didn't even know she was there. She was no bother at all! In fact, I wish she was at my side the entire wedding because of all the wonderful things 3 year olds say at their age. For instance, she asked me "Why did you get married?". She also commented "We're BOTH wearing wedding dresses. You have a dress like mine". Priceless! Please don't feel bad. I can't wait for the professional pictures of me raking the petals with her. I couldn't have imagined the wedding without her!

    By the way, did Gabi get her cake? Two pieces? And did you keep the plastic box of petals?

  2. Oh, you made me feel so much better!

    I was ready to give her the two pieces of cake I had promised, but she was so busy running wild she barely even ate any of her first piece!

    You could tell she'd been busy- in the pictures of her during the cake cutting, her hair had already fallen out.

  3. lol. see you friend gets you- she's a keeper! ;)


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