Friday, October 26, 2007

Just Me And You

Gilberto went straight from work yesterday to an impromptu poker game at his cousin's house. And as soon as I got home, my mom went out to run some errands. So Gabi and I found ourselves alone for the rest of the evening.

I love nights like these, when we get to do our own thing. We got burgers and came home and ate in front of the TV. We almost always eat dinner at the table, so Gabi was beside herself with excitement.

When I told her she was doing SUCH a good job at not getting messy, she said, "Yes, Mommy, because only Big Girls get a special treat to eat in the LIVING ROOM." She was so proud of herself.

There's just something about breaking routine to do something special that puts everyone in a good mood. We had such a nice, fun evening together, laughing at silly jokes and playing until bedtime.

I wonder if she'll remember these moments, that she had alone with me.

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  1. the only thing she will remember is that you wouldnt let her wear a bikini to school at 12. or that you wouldnt let her get her eyebrow peirced. or made her wait to date.


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