Saturday, November 24, 2007


Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. Everything came out perfectly, and it was great to sit down with family and enjoy it together. Especially since they couldn't stop complimenting my kitchen skills! They must be politely forgetting my dinners past.

We found out that Gabi is thankful for ponies.

And I'm thankful for the free gym at my work. Is it really possible to gain two whole pounds in less than 24 hours? Leave it to me to cook the 7,000 calorie per plate dinner. Home cooking at its best.

Yesterday morning I went to pick up a friend who was visiting family nearby. We went to highschool together, and it's always so easy to pick up where we left off. It's good to have friends like that. And we laugh hysterically about lots of things, like how silly we were when we were 15. I'm having such a great time with her here.

She's the kind of friend that doesn't mind lugging a cooler full of ice as a carry-on so that I can have some Yumm Sauce and Tofu Pate from my hometown. So I'm letting her watch the Ducks/UCLA football game on my living room TV. I think it's the first time that football has been watched in this house on purpose!

Oh, and for lunch today, Gilberto tried to cook a pizza. The oven was smoking pretty badly from some turkey juice that spilled when we were taking it out of the oven. I started to smell something more than smoke, though, and opened the oven door. The oven was ON FIRE. We couldn't blow it out, so Gilberto had to run the bottom tray outside and hose it down. In the process, some fiery liquid sloshed out onto my kitchen rug, setting it momentarily on fire, too.

I knew I wasn't going to get away with such a flawless Thanksgiving! It may not have happened on Thanksgiving Day, but this will definitely be included when talking about Thanksgiving stories past.

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