Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shower Curtain

I just took the shower curtain off of my Wist list!!

I did a little shopping over the weekend, and there it was! Half priced! There was only one left, so I grabbed it. It has completely changed the look of my bathroom.

I also got a fabric shower liner. Which I discovered doesn't hold water in as well as the plastic kind (but is still so much better). After my first shower, my bathroom was flooded because I had directed the water nozzle onto the liner. I guess you can't do that.

Luckily there wasn't enough water to go down to the living room ceiling. Like when Gilberto got drunk with his friends and came home to take an hour long shower with the liner hanging OUTSIDE of the tub. We had to do some major ceiling repair after that one.


  1. That is such a cute liner! I love it.

    (p.s. thanks for visiting and commenting over at my blog the other day)

  2. That's weird because I also switched to a fabric liner and found that it worked just as well as a plastic one. I love the shower curtain! Congrats on getting it half off! Gotta love that!


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