Thursday, December 20, 2007

Garage Of Errors

When I went to put our recycling out this morning, I noticed that a large bin of Gabi's baby clothes was sitting on the patio table. When I got closer I could see that the contents were no longer folded, the lid was askew and wouldn't fit back on, and one end had been cracked with several pieces missing. An obvious mishap of some kind.

When I took Gabi up to my mom's room before leaving for work, she explained what had happened. Coming home from work, she turned into the garage, and hit a box on the ground that had Gabi's crib mattress sitting in it. The mattress fell to the side, pushing the crib rails hanging on the wall into a shelf, which jarred the shelf and knocked down the baby changing pad from the very top. Which had a cord that caught on the lid of the baby clothes bin, and brought it crashing down with it. And, of course, the bin turned upside down and dumped baby clothes all over the car and garage floor.

2:00 in the morning, and my mom had to get out and clean everything up while trying to keep quiet, her car half in and half out of the garage.

Every time I think about it I laugh, because things like this happen to us all the time.

At lunch time, I dropped a piece of tomato onto my shirt. When I picked it up, I dropped it onto my pants. When I picked it up again, it fell onto my shoe. The tomato had ranch on it, so now I do, too. I look real professional today, with grease stains from head to toe.

We are quite the coordinated bunch.

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