Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How The Bacon Didn't Make It Into The Hall Of Fame

Miss Betty Homemaker was supposed to be in residence in my kitchen last night. I made Potato Leek soup, Grilled Ham and Swiss sandwiches with an avocado spread, and a lovely bacon appetizer that promised to solidify my place in Gilberto's personal Cooking Hall of Fame (where his mother currently resides).

The soup and sandwiches were wonderful, thank you very much. At least I can do that without messing things up. But the bacon. Oh, my. It did not come out so well.

I tried to make these Bacon Appetizers. They looked soooo good in Ree's pictures. And since Gilberto is a meat and potatoes kind of guy who appreciates a good piece of bacon, I thought I would whip up a tray and woo him with my culinary talent.

What happened is truly is a shame, since bacon is such a delight.

I totally ruined them.

I forgot to put them on a rack, so they absorbed all the bacon fat while cooking. I didn't realize my mistake until Gilberto ate 5 and then quickly hunched over on the couch grabbing his stomach. And stayed that way for several hours. I guess there's only so much bacon grease a stomach can handle.

I don't think he's going to to be able to eat bacon for a very long time. Or maybe ever.

So much for entering the Hall of Fame! I'll have to find something else to woo him with.

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