Monday, December 24, 2007

Jesus Was A Baby

We just attended a lovely Christmas Eve service at our church.

At one point during the service, our pastor asked the congregation if they had anything they'd like to say about what Christmas means to them. Several people said things like hope, renewal and joy.

Gabi, who was sitting in the front with the "big girls", raised her hand.

Pastor: Yes, Gabriella? What would you like to say?

Gabi: Jesus was a baby.

Pastor: Yes he was! You know the story! Isn't it wonderful that our young children already know the story of Jesus.

My mom looked over at me and whispered, "Phew!" It was then I realized that I, too, had been sitting tense in anticipation of what Gabi had wanted to say. And how relieved we were that it was something as innocent as saying Jesus was a baby!

Not that we have any family secrets to reveal. But you never know what the heck is going to come out of a three year old's mouth. She might have told the Pastor that her daddy drank beer, or that mommy yelled at her before church for getting her socks dirty.

She has been learning quite a bit about Christmas and the story of Baby Jesus this year, and I love that she feels comfortable enough in our church to share. But let's hope all of her future contributions are as innocent!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. It's the way I feel I take my class on a field trip and it's time for my kids to ask the guide some questions. Most of the time the questions are relevant, but I've had my share of embarassment over the past 10 years over random things my students have said.

  2. Gilberto and I have to be so careful of what we say in front of her! I think we got of lucky this time, lol. I'm sure we have quite a few embarassing moments ala Gabi's mouth ahead of us.

  3. Oh this made me giggle. I was always that kid who said the wrong thing at the wrong time, and i never realized how horrified my mother must have been every time I opened my mouth, wondering what it was going to be this time.


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