Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bean Cake

While eating lunch today, Gabi got a little bored and started playing with her food. She sat for a while running a fork over her refried beans, creating a criss cross of lines. After she was done, she sat back and announced that it was a birthday cake, and wasn't it so beautiful? She was rather proud of herself.

I didn't think too much of her getting out of her chair to go into the kitchen, but when she started to get frustrated with a drawer that wouldn't open, I asked her what she was trying to get.

Gabi: Mom, I need a birthday candle for my birthday cake!

Me: No, we're not going to put a birthday candle in your refried beans.

Gabi, putting her hands on her hips: It's a CAKE!

Me: Sorry, sweetie, but it's not going to happen. No candle in your CAKE.

Gabi, turning back into a sweet little girl: But it's for Jesus!

She's getting smart, that little girl of mine.

Gilberto and I had a good laugh. Maybe on Christmas day, if we happen to be eating refried beans, and she created a cake for Jesus, I'd let her put a candle in it. But her once a year opportunity had already passed, and my answer was still a firm no.

My reason, sadly enough, is that I hate the feeling of refried beans. I hate the way they feel on my teeth, too. I just didn't want to have to touch the beans when washing the candle off. Not even for Jesus.

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