Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Home Early

I've had bronchitis for about a week now, and my antibiotic doesn't seem to be kicking it like it should. I think I might also have a sinus infection, because I've developed a horrible headache, and every time I cough, which is about every two minutes, it pounds into my head. And I'm achy and my ears hurt and... You get the picture.

I've been able to work through the bronchitis. That doesn't really do much to you that you can't sit in a chair in front of your computer and keep up the typing. I think my coughing may have annoyed my cubicle neighbors, but they all gave each other the flu a few weeks ago so they can't say anything.

After toughing it out for a week, it was the headache that finally sent me home. I couldn't take the pain anymore. All I wanted to do was go to sleep in a dark and quite room, but I got home only to find an even sicker mom. When I walked into Gabi's room, my mom was laying on the bed, one hand flopped over the edge holding a Barbie.

Now, that's the way to play with a preschooler when you're sick! Just grab a Barbie and pretend that she's doing stationary things. Like sunbathing at the beach. Or reading at the Library, which also includes the bonus of needing to be quiet.

My mom's now headed to Urgent Care, and I'm trying to convince Gabi that a four hour nap would be fun! But not even a bribe of Dora stickers is working. I think I'm going to have to tough it out.

I did take some medicine when I got home (and a new antibiotic is waiting for me at the pharmacy), so hopefully I'll feel better soon. Gabi is so excited to have me here, and it'd be great to be able to do more with her. But for now I'm heading up to take my mom's place on Gabi's bed, and I just hope she doesn't get into too much trouble. And even though she'll be locked in the same room with me, that is entirely likely.

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