Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Commenting, It's All Fixed

Someone just notified me that the option to add comments to my posts had been turned off. So for all two people out there that like to comment on my blog, I fixed it, and you can comment your little hearts out again!

I'm pretty sure the mishap occurred when I was fiddling around on the settings page recently. I prefer to scroll down a page using that wheel thing on the mouse, but if you have a selection box highlighted, it scrolls through the box options instead. That must be how the comment posting option got changed. Because comments are one of my favorite things about this blog, and I most definitely wouldn't do it on purpose!

If you're just absolutely desperate to add a comment to one of the posts affected (hey, it could happen!) , just let me know, and I'll republish it.

And, since I'm already sitting here, I'll just add that Gilberto has once again fallen asleep in the most random of places. I don't know how he can lay down anywhere he wants to and fall into deep sleep. Right now he's on the stair landing, legs hanging over the bottom two steps, using a giant stuffed dog as a pillow.

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