Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We'd Keep You If You Had Only Behaved

Our dishwasher decided to turn into an indoor waterfall last night.

Gilberto was sitting at the computer in the living room, and he suddenly felt something wet on his feet. When he looked down, he said he was really confused to see the floor covered in water. When he looked up, the whole bottom floor of the house was flooded! Talk about turning a boring night into something exciting.

My mom and Gabi had been sitting at the kitchen table working on something crafty, but since we have a bar height table, their feet weren't on the floor. The water went flowing right under them without a sound. Silent and sneaky.

Gilberto called me at work after the panic induced clean-up. I can't even tell you how relieved I was to be hearing the story from 20 miles away, sitting nice and dry at my comfy desk, not having had to slide around in sopping wet socks frantically pulling linens off the shelves.

When I got home, there was a huge pile of blankets and towels on the back patio. And my Pergo floor was saturated with water and bumpy along the seams. I don't think it'll ever be the same. It's so bad I don't know if I can bare to have company over anymore. People aren't supposed to judge you by your floors, but you know they do.

Our dishwasher has had previous issues. But every time we've had someone over to look at it, they've said it was fine. It's like the sick kid that feels great at the Dr's office, and then gets a fever again on the way home. The last guy gave us an estimate for how much it would cost to fix based on what we said had been going on, and we nearly fainted at the price. We agreed to keep the current one as is, and if something else happened, we'd get a new one.

So we're getting a new dishwasher. I'm bummed about having to spend the money, but excited at being able to research and shop! My whole world is now about white vs. stainless steel. And dual rotors. And garbage disposal features. We're heading out tomorrow night to make the purchase. We might even get a babysitter so we can get down and dirty with the comparables.

In the meantime we won't be cooking with or eating on anything that requires soap and water to clean. 'Cause I don't DO dishes. My dishwasher does.


  1. You are so correct!!!

  2. When my dishwasher overflowed because I put dishsoap instead of dishwasher soap in it the only upside was how clean the floor was. And let that be a lesson NEVER put dishsoap in there instead of dishwasher soap. Unless you don't feel like scrubbing the floor.

    I totally related to your domestic situation. Fun post.

  3. Hi! Thanks for your comment and the heads up on my hyperlink! I'll add your blog to my blogroll!


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