Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What About The 80s Comeback?

Good news for my IT compatriots. It seems that highwaters are back in style.

Because that picture above? That's Givenchy.

I've always seen highwaters in my department (it's one of the endearing qualities of software developers), but lately I've been noticing highwaters on guys outside of IT. Pants that graze the ankles seem to be the latest greatest thing. And a lot of them are wearing those weird one piece shoes.

Like this:

If they're making a legitimate comeback, I won't be able to tease all the geeky guys anymore because they'd actually be hip. Though I guess I could tease them about finally being hip!


  1. Please tell me this isn't true!! Ugh! What ARE these designers thinking???

  2. does this mean my 4 year old highwater mom jeans (because I can never find anything that fits right)are now trendy?? cool beans.

    Jenny Essington

  3. zanifred the greatMarch 7, 2008 at 12:36 AM

    Thank god they forgot about the shoulder pads. And if your going to wear skinny jeans be greatful for stretch denium. remember those horrid little zippers in the ankles of your jeans? Oh and spandex. they seem to have passed on spandex. good times.
    oh the reason i got on here was to ask you to do a little looking for me and let me know waht kind of digital cemera i should get.


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