Friday, May 23, 2008

Ballet Bites The Dust

I've been trying to make an Upside Down Pineapple Cake since last weekend. It's either been way too hot to turn on the oven, or I've just been too tired after working all day. Well, here it is Friday night already, and no Upside Down Pineapple Cake to grace my counter.

I just realized, though, that I have ALL DAY tomorrow to bake my cake. A whole lazy day at home to bake! Because we won't have our 11:00 ballet class to chop up the day. Last Saturday was Gabi's last class.

The dance studio Gabi went to has a recital coming up in June. They're a big studio, at a competitive level, but I nearly keeled over when I read the line-up. Not only was Gabi expected to be at the Friday rehearsal, in costume, for three hours, she was also expected to perform both Saturday and Sunday!

Are you KIDDING me?

I'm not going to get off of work early on Friday for the afternoon rehearsal and then sacrifice my whole weekend so that I can lug my three year old out three days in a row for an on-stage performance that only lasts 2 minutes. PLUS, you have to buy tickets to both shows! PLUS, you can't video tape or take pictures- you have to buy their super expensive DVD.

To top it off, every week I have to make Gabi go to her class. Once she's there, she has a good time, but she's scared to death about performing. Every week on the way home I hear about how she doesn't want to dance on stage, she wants to do gymnastics.

The only reason I chose ballet instead of gymnastics was because I thought it'd be cheaper, and Gabi was excited about wearing a tutu. I admit, I was excited about her wearing a tutu, too. But after factoring in all the fees, the recital costs, the costume costs and weekly tight replacement costs, gymnastics is looking like a pretty good deal right about now. It's also much more suited to Gabi, a perpetual jumping bean.

So last week, while Gabi was in class, I stood in line for her costume, which I'd already paid for, and once I had it in hand I told them we wouldn't be coming back. Gabi will be wearing the $68 dollar monkey tutu for Halloween.

The funny part is that everyone was SHOCKED. Just shocked! Was I REALLY not going to be back? Did I think it was wise to rip Gabi away from something that was so important to her development?

Yeah! I think she'll live!

The best comment was from a mom who thought I was doing Gabi a disservice by not making her go through with her commitment. Well, it was ME who signed her up. And I doubt she's going to end up a totally irresponsible adult because I didn't make her go to her ballet recital when she was three.

My goodness! These people are serious about ballet! Though now that I think about it, a lot of them have their kids in at least two classes per week.

On the way home I told Gabi, as she sat in her carseat with another giant hole in the knee of her tights, that she had just been to her last class, if it was okay with her.

She was so excited to not have to go back. And even more excited that she was going to be trying gymnastics!

So that's that.

No more stocking up on ballet tights! Those people are making a killing.

And if Gabi decides she really does like ballet better than gymnastics, that's okay by me. But for now, we're off to the land of gymnastics.

*Disclaimer: The studio we went to was wonderful (and I really mean that- it was the eavesdropping parents that caused all the hoopla), but I think it's better suited for the seriously dedicated. Not so much the let's dress up in a tutu and twirl around for fun kind of people who don't want to buy an endless suppy of tights.


  1. Ernie just completed her ninth year of ballet. The most grueling year was the first year, because I took everything so seriously as a new ballet mom. Now that I'm a well-seasoned parent and served 3 years on the board of directors, I don't let all the nitty gritty details bother me. Indeed, it is expensive, but what a beautiful art form and discipline to experience. Gymnastics is cool, too, and dance and gymnastics complement each other. It's best if mom and daughter BOTH enjoy her activities.

  2. We had exactly the same experience with ballet! What is it with those tights? I thought it was just me...

    My four year old will do gymnastics next year. It is farther away and lots of $$, but I think it will fit her active personality better.

  3. I have that problem every sunday.... everytime I get ready to go to church I find more and more nylon/tights that have runs or hole in them.... THEY ARE TOO FRAIL!

  4. think ballet can get expensive and time consuming? If Gabi's good at gymnastics, you'll have meets on weekends that last aaaalllll day and cost a pretty penny! Oh, but you're moving to Brazil eventually! (: Hopefully it's not as expensive there! Glad to hear you have a budding gymnast! (Can you tell I'm a former gymnast?)

  5. when you factor in the adult costume and replacements costs it is a pretty good deal. I hope Gabi goes a long way with gymnastics.


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