Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Lazy Saturday Morning

I had just read the part where Ariel takes a fork she found in a shipwreck to her friend Scuttle, who tells her it's used as a brush by humans to straighten their hair.

Gabi: That's not what a fork is for!

Me: No? What's a fork for?

Gabi: For when you don’t want to pick it up with your fingers, because it could get all over your shirt if you’re not careful and you don’t want to use a napkin. Right?

Yep, pretty much!


Me: What did you draw?

Gabi: Well, this is a saxophone with a whistle at the top. And this in the middle is a bunch of roses, smelly roses, with limes at the bottom for make the smelly roses be more pretty. And this is a pig statue.

She gets more creative every day. It's a wonder she came from my body.


  1. hahahaha!!!
    Children are so great!
    I can't wait to have on my own!

    My boyfriend's daughter is just as sweet as your daughter, she comes up with the funiest answer for everything!

  2. She had to come from you. You understand her wants and fears. With your mother's heart. She came from you. I see it everytime you speak about her.


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