Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Little Known Thing About Eve

There's a lady at our church who gives a piece of candy to all the kids who bring their bible with them. I think it's the highlight of Gabi's day. She LOVES candy.

Before reaching into the candy bag, the lady asks each child to tell a story about what they've recently learned. I always get really nervous at this point, because I DO tell Gabi stories from the bible, but she never seems to remember them at important times, like this one.

She still gets her candy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that people think I'm slacking on the bible story front. This morning I thought we'd do a little prep in the car on our way to church, so that she'd be able to tell a story and make me look good.

Me: When you show Suzanne your bible today, why don't you tell her the story about who named all of the animals. Do you remember who named all of the animals after God made them?

Gabi: Jesus!

Me: No, not Jesus. Adam! Remember? Adam and Eve were the first people that God made, and Adam got to name all the animals!

Gabi: Oh, now I remember. What kinds of things did Eve get to do?

Oh, gosh. Do I tell her about the apple? That all Eve is attributed to doing is getting the human race into a whole heap of trouble? Yeah, that'd be a fun discussion to have with a four year old. So I did some on the spot improvisation. (Which, when I do it, never really turns out very well. See below for case in point.)

Me: Um, Eve got to name all of the fruits!

Gabi: Really? Like pineapple? And papaya?

Me: Yep!

Gabi: Wow! That's a really cool thing to get to do! I love pineapple.

Me: So let's go over it one more time. Who named the animals?

Gabi: Adam!

Me: That's right! And who named the fruit?

Gabi: Jesus!

It's probably a good thing that we forgot her bible in the car. It'll give us one more week to get the story straight.


  1. That is so funny - My husband is a pastor, so e love to hear stories like this! Kids truly say the darndest things and are so honest (almost to a fault)! As parents it cracks me up how our "best laid plans" really don't matter because kids will say what they will say regardless!

  2. LOL!!! That is too cute! I think she got the gist of it, so don't worry too much, she has years to get all the stories straight!

  3. That is great! W

    e just bought our daughters a children's old testament bible and are trying to get them interested in the stories. It's not going over as easily as planned.

  4. This story reminds me of the Art Linkletter kids show many, many years ago.

  5. Gabi is always so funny! :)

    Even though I'm catolic, I don't know much about the bible! But I know a few stories and I can say that in one way or the other they all get inside children's heads! Don't worry, she will learn it!

  6. Pilot words and Fruit and I are full of ideas today!!! :)

  7. Hi "Mama"...Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me some comment love. This post is really really are a hoot sometimes....well, actually most of the time. Thankfully that's what makes us forget the times they are a handful ;)

  8. That's really cute.

    Funny story, but true...

    A long time ago when my twins were three going on four we instilled in them that Jesus is ALWAYS with us...ALWAYS. No ifs, ands or, butts, he is ALWAYS there.

    So imagine my surprise one evening before dinner when screams and shouts came from the dining room. The twins were arguing about who was going to sit where and regardless of which seat one picked, the other was sure Jesus was sitting there!

    Well, it didn't end there. All of this talk about Jesus ALWAYS being there, even though we couldn't see him, was starting to freak Meg out a bit. One night she woke up sniffling and eventually burst into tears saying that she couldn't sleep in her room anymore. When I asked her why, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said; "mommy, I can't see where Jesus is and it's starting to creep me out. Is he watching me while I sleep? Is he really the boogey man?" I think at some point we'd confused her about The Holy Spirit and Jesus and God.

    Out of the mouths of babes...

  9. Way to think on your feet! haha!

    Thanks for your comment on my Sunday post. Hope you guys had fun at Disneyland!

  10. Lol, that's such a cute story! I can't wait to read next week's update :)

  11. Oh my goodness, I LOVE that story! I might just have to stop by again and see how next week goes :-)

  12. Though now might be a good time to start thinking about how to explain loyalty to a faith that marginalizes woman. Though in a cute domestic no harm done sort of way. aw. just send her. ill be there soon. lets see how i do explaining things to a four year old.

  13. I like that. I think I'm going to tell my daughters that Eve named the fruit.

  14. I love that Gabi thought about what Eve got to do! Talk about equal opportunity! (:

  15. Ever feel like you're talking to yourself?? Very cute story!

  16. Great story. She is too cute!

  17. just me...saying happy pow! And guess what I just made? Yep! Your organic smores...which I have tastefully nicknamed "crack".
    So addicting!!!


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