Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Liquid Gold

You know what I get for even thinking about splurging on that pottery barn chair?

A serious budget mishap! It's the universe's way of saying, hey, you want to spend an outrageous amount of money on a chair? Well then, let me show you how it will feel!

And what I'm feeling is sick to my stomach.

I get expensive haircuts. I wear so-so clothes, no makeup, and cheap Target shoes, so to take the visual sting out of my appearance, and make myself a little bit hipper, I spend way too much money on my hair.

It's worth every penny. My hair looks amazing! I have seriously great hair. It looks something like this (but better):

Today was one of my much anticipated haircut days. After my stylist was done blowdrying, she sprayed my hair with some sort of shine spray. And let me tell you, that stuff worked some MAGIC. My hair was shiny like a shampoo commercial! On my way to the counter to pay, I couldn't resist grabbing a bottle. They didn't have a price listed, but I figured it couldn't cost more than $20.

I also added a gift certificate to the total. My mom has been going to some shady places to get her short bob cut, and the results haven't exaclty been the best. I finally convinced her to see my stylist, but she hasn't gone yet. So I thought I would do a bit of nudging by getting her first cut for her.

The total seemed a bit high, but I figured it was just my bad math skills (which are actually quite good, but for some reason, on the spot addition has been giving me problems lately). It wasn't until I got to the car and started to drive away that I looked at the receipt and saw that the bottle of shine spray I'd gotten was $38!!


Are they kidding? $38? Never in a million years would I have suspected it cost that much! What normal people can afford $38 hair spray? And then I remembered that I get my hair cut smack dab in the middle of San Diego's wealthiest suburb. There are no normal people there.

So now I have to walk back into the super swanky salon, where I usually at least try to pretend that I belong, and return the shine spray. What on earth am I going to say that won't make me look like a total idiot?

There is just no way I can keep something so expensive. Even if it DID make my hair look super gorgeous.

Lesson learned! If I can't afford $38 shine spray, I have NO business thinking about buying a $794 chair.

The question is, after I make my shameful return, will I be able to go back?


  1. Sure! Think of it like this...If you were RICH, you'd return it half empty and expect a FULL refund. Trust me. Keep going. LOL.

  2. They won't care if you return it, people do stuff like that every day. San Diego is terribly expensive, no wonder you have to budget. Prices are nuts there (but it's beautiful and such an amazing place to live, I guess that makes it worth it!). We don't own any Pottery Barn either, but it is sure gorgeous stuff. I don't get the catalogue but maybe I should.

    I don't spend a lot on my hair but I do spend a lot on shoes - I have some foot problems and if I don't wear really supportive and comfortable shoes, it gets a lot worse. My hair could use some attention though, lol.

  3. First time I heard about Pottery barn was in a 'Friends'
    episode! :)

    The really have great things!

  4. Oh dear... I have definitely been in that position before... It's so awkward. But, like Shannon said, people do stuff like that everyday they won't care that you brought it back. You can definitely return.
    Meanwhile, wow, that chair is beautiful, but I know exactly what my husband would say to spending $794 dollars on it. It would probably contain the phrase, "have you lost your mind?!"

  5. I know what you mean about spending so much on hair spray, but what is super gorgeous hair worth to you? I understand spending more than half a days pay on something. It's all about priorities. I sport my $330 purse with the cloths I bought 3 years ago and still wear. Personally I would keep it, but I'm the kind of person with drawers full of cloths that I will never wear but am too lazy to return. I've always thought your hair was super gorgeous without the spray.... so who needs it!

  6. Oh I must hear the conversation of how you returned the hairspray. I've never been bold enough to do something like that, I always make my husband!

  7. I say keep it. Unless you TRULY can't afford it. But the way you felt when you saw your hair? You deserve to feel that way any time you want!

    I bet a little spray goes a long way. You'll probably have that same bottle for months, which makes the cost vs. uses ratio practically dead even.

    Is it by Bumble and Bumble by chance?

  8. I say keep it too. It's okay to splurge every now and then. And if your haircut looks like that, AWESOME. I'm jealous. I need your stylist!

  9. Keep it, your worth it. You should know that you can't get away saying you have beautiful hair and not show the real thing though! (ha-ha, I'm just kiddin' - it's your blog.)

    Still, I vote for 'keeps'.

  10. I paid $40 for a bottle of shine spray last time I visited the salon. The bottle is almost gone, but it's lasted more than 6 months. So I figure I paid a little over $6.50 a month for pretty, shiny hair. PLUS it protects my hair from heat damage, a definite plus. Keep the spray, and forget about the chair!

  11. Maybe it's destiny that made you buy it without asking how much it cost. I say, keep it! Keep it! Keep it!

  12. Good hair, manicured nails, polished toes - the priorities.

  13. I say keep it too. Think of it as an advance on your weight loss. Or just think of it as doing something super-great for yourself!

    BTW, I wanna see a pic of your fabulous hair. I'm only kinda sorta jealous.

    But um yeah, I've done the same thing. I just didnt tell the hubby how much it cost and let him think I tipped my stylist HUGELY! Somehow that's better to him than paying more than $20 for anything I put on my head!

  14. I wouldn't worry about it. People always return things and I'm sure they won't even think twice :) Your hair sounds awesome! You should post some pics for us.

  15. Ha!! You had me cracking up. I did the same thing when I bought a Coach purse a few years ago...the guy suckered me into buying the spray stuff to keep the purse clean. I can't remember how much it was but I remember thinking NO WAY AM I KEEPING THIS!!! I knew I would never use it and I could use the $$ on something else.

  16. I want you to post a pic of your fabulous hair! And re: the shine stuff. I would have kept it. I'm one of those "pennies a day" girls - if it will last you a good amount of time and make you feel as fabulous as you did in that chair, then it's worth it. If you did return it, I hope you weren't too embarrassed, it's not a big deal at all.


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