Monday, August 18, 2008

Twitter Me Cool For Once

So I recently discovered that thing called Twitter.

What I'm absolutely shocked about is that I seem to be the only person in my IT department that knows what it is!

It's, like, my one shining moment in the techie world I work in.

To my coworkers I'm all, "I can't believe you don't know about it! It's only the most important networking tool out there! People were totally using it to live blog from ComiCon." And then they run off to Google it. Because if anything grabs a geek's techie's attention, it's ComiCon.

My coworkers have seemed quite impressed with little ol' me knowing about something before them. That doesn't happen very often. Okay, that doesn't happen ever. I'm always the the one to find out about things last. And to upgrade last. I finally got a Blackberry (and am rather impressed with my bad Blackberry self) and everyone has already moved on to the iPhone. I'm always three steps behind!

So for me to know about Twitter, and them to have absolutely no clue what I was talking about? It totally rocked my world.

Now that the word has spread, all I can say is that I'm glad they don't know my handle. They may be impressed with me knowing about something technological before them, but they sure wouldn't be impressed with my tweets.

Most of which seem to be about food. Surprise surprise.


  1. Oh how I want to Twitter. I even signed up. That's as far as I have gone. Can't quite figure it out. Maybe later.

    Good for you for being a step ahead. Don't you love that feeling:)

  2. Oooh!! Ok, so you KNOW you totally have to set up a dummy account now, right? Because they are going to sign up, and then they are going to want followers and they will be all "Laural, what's your twitter name?"

    Give them my Twitter name. Tell them I'm the reigning Techie Homecoming Queen. I'll twit about CandyCorn or whatever the name was of the techie convention thing.

  3. uhm did mcmommy just call comic con candy corn??


    clearly she is not married to an uber nerd like myself :)

    tee hee

    glad you are the cool dork at work! and you know i say that with nothin but love friend :)

  4. I'm so clueless about twitter... maybe one of these days I'll actually go check it out!

  5. Go on with bad Blackberry twittering self...I don't think I'm technologically savvy enough for all that yet. :)

  6. I totally feel you on that one! My husband is uber computer techie, and I always have to gloat a little when I know about some new technology before him. It happens so rarely, but oh man... when it does... :)

  7. My husband is also an uber techie and he is about as clueless to twitter as someone who lives in a hole. It's like my own special place that he can't find :) It's so awesome to be able to say, how could you NOT know about this.

  8. Gee..I wanna hang with the cool kids. I thought about twittering about while I've got all this free time, but then...what'll I do when I go back to work.

  9. Once I stopped trying to make Twitter work as "blog support" and just started using it for fun, I started loving it. Before it was just WORK, with zero benefit.

    Thanks for the Huell Howser comment -- he really does hook you in, dosn't he? Hard NOT to watch someone so wrapped up in a computer recycler or a house made out of trash or pond scum.

  10. I love Twitter! I, too, started using it purely for work..but quickly found joy in just being myself :)

  11. I don't see your Tweets on here, I'd love to follow you - in a completely non-creepy person sort of way, of course! :)

  12. I so need a nap or something. I'm ALREADY following you :P This is me *blushing*

  13. way to outgeek the geeks! I work in the IT department as well and while they may know a lot about computers or programming, or surf the net, they don't know bleep about all the Web 2.0 stuff.


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