Wednesday, September 3, 2008

She's Off To A Great Start

I just got back from a meeting to find five missed calls on my cell phone.

One of my messages was from my mom, saying she thought she'd gotten a missed call from the preschool, where Gabi is at right now, but her hair was full of dye and could I please call them?

None of the other messages were from the preschool, but one of the missed numbers most definitely was.

My heart started pounding as I returned the call. The Director said he wasn't aware of an emergency, but would go check on her and call me right back. Which he did, with good news.

Turns out they served milk during snack time and Gabi drank two large glasses before announcing to her teachers that she's allergic to dairy.

The head teacher frantically went down the call list, first calling me, then my mom, until she finally reached my husband, who reassured her that while Gabi is indeed allergic to milk, it's in no way lethal.

Gabi can have a small amount before she starts to break out in an itchy rash and gets a really bad tummy ache and diarrhea. So she's not in harms way, but I think two big glasses might have pushed her over the edge. Tonight might not be so pleasant!

I called my mom back, and we couldn't help but laugh that Gabi drank the milk BEFORE she told her teachers that she was allergic to it. It's so like her to do something she knows she's not supposed to do, then cheerily announce it to the world. Those poor teachers were probably in a panic!

Thank goodness Gabi doesn't have a serious allergy, though. It looks like the preschool doesn't have the green health form I filled out listing milk under allergies, so it didn't get noted in the room snack folder. I'll fill out a new one right away.

Gabi and I will be having a big No Milk talk tonight. And hopefully that will be the end to scaring the teachers. Though I kind of doubt it.


  1. Oh my! She is a handful isn't she.
    Those teachers probably thought they were going to have angry parents on their hands. Instead they have parents that are sympathetic to the surprises they will endure throughout the year.

  2. Oh wow! I feel for her teachers. My lil G is allergic to latex and ANY Aveeno I'm just waiting for one of those calls, on one of the days she's in school.

    Fun times.

    Thankfully Gabi is ok!

  3. Wow--that must have been scary...glad it was not much (although it's probably not fun tonight!)

  4. Oh my God!! Would have swallowed my tongue!! Those poor teachers. Thank goodness it wasn't something more serious.

  5. Yes, thank goodness it wasn't more serious. I know the feeling all too well when the school calls and your heart just sinks. I've had a few of those calls. Too many. Eddie was usually getting hurt and falling off something. Glad Gabi is fine. Hopefully she doesn't repeat this event.

  6. hahaha! I sometimes when I read your blog feel like I'm reading how my life will be like when my daughter is Gabi's age. I count this all as a warning.

  7. ok i know it's not really funny but i can't stop giggling :)

    sorry. you can have all the paybacks and haha-i-told-you-so moments you want when beans is gabi's age - promise :)

  8. Oh man! I'm glad she was ok though! My friend and I were JUST talking about allergies at school today...ironic ;)

  9. The teachers have to be in a panic about allergies these days. I hope Gabi enjoyed her glass of milk. : )

  10. I am so glad she is okay! That must have been scary to not know why they were calling you!

    Yay for the no milk talk and I hope her little tummy was okay :)

  11. Ha! I guess she wanted to see what she was missing. ;-)
    She's got some spunk in her alright!
    Ike was allergic to milk,eggs and peanuts. They told me to slowly introduce foods to him after a year and see how he did. He is nothing like your adverturous Gabi and will NOT drink milk or eat a peanut if his life depended on it, although he does eat things including those items (without his knowledge) and seems to have outgrown the allergies.

  12. She's a spicy one, isn't she :)

    Your girl was making up for some lost time... Two glasses of milk!

    I hope your night was pain-free! And that "The Milk Talk" when well.

    I rather like the spicy ones... Don't you? ;) Life is never boring, that's for sure!


  13. My Brat used to do this, until the last incident where I let her spend allllll night vomiting by herself while The Man & I stayed in bed.

    Never again. Now she is FIRST to say...umm, no thank you. I AM ALLERGIC.

  14. Ha! Oh dear... I'm glad that it's not a seriously life-threatening thing. I do hope that your night wasn't awful, and that your milk talk went well...
    Honestly, I'm on the edge of my seat wondering what she'll do next :)

  15. My heart stops if the phone rings while my son is in school. (he just started preschool too) No food allergies, but he does have an aversion to sharing.

    p.s Looks like you're in for more poopie talk.

  16. Thank God she is all right! :)

    I guess... doesn't matter how many times you tell the school they are allergic to sometinhg, if it's lethal they will always forget! But as a teacher of small children, I would be freaking out if it happened with me! :)

    I would be pressing the child's stomach to make her vomit! hehehehe!! Just kidding! ;)


  17. Poor teachers!

    That is something my little Noah would do.. Both boys are allergic to milk - same scenario, but my first is sooo type A that he tells everyone before even the smallest drop hits any vessel that might have a remote possibility of hitting his mouth!

  18. My 2YO is lactose intolerant. If she has 'real' is not pretty. Ohhh, the diapers - yuck!

    When she was going to preschool, we would send her with Lactaid, so I guess some of them assumed she drank milk. Imagine the poor nurse who had to make the call to me and ask "What will happen...?"

    Good Times!

  19. I read this post the other day and could have SWORN I commented. Guess not huh? Well I WOULD have said this:

    Those poor teachers! I can only imagine what was going through their minds! Haha! My 4YO is the same way. She will first defiantly do something she shouldn't then tell me and anyone who listens that she did it. Last night I told her if she got out of bed again I would spank her. Know what she did? About 3 minutes after I threatened her I hear her say, "Momma, I got out of bed. Are you coming to spank me?" Darn kid! Happy POW!

  20. Man, Gabi is hilarious. She must make you laugh every. single. day. Kinda like Wyatt, I imagine.

    Such a funny moment. Hope the 'no milk' speech went well.

  21. 2 big glasses? Reminds me of when I was in first grade and had severe hay fever allergies. I didn't want to go back to class after recess, so I stuffed dandelions up my nose. Yeah, didn't have to go to class...

  22. What a little monkey, too funny.

    I bet those teachers felt beyond terrible.

    I think Gabi is hilarious.

  23. ah allergies. so much fun.

    We are working really hard to understand the NO EGGS OR PEANUTS rule and while he's starting to catch on he's also adapting his manipulation. Now when he doesnt want to eat something he throws out the whole it has eggs in it.

  24. I bet they were flipping a lid!
    At least she told....:)

  25. you would think that the consequences alone would be enough to keep her from doing that! oh well, maybe she'll get wise to that as she realizes what it does to her!


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