Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Loot- Fish and Books

When Pam from Flowers and Frills posted about getting some Swedish Fish in her swap box, I commented that I'd never had any and was dying to try some, but couldn't find any where I live. She responded and generously offered to send me some!

I wanted to try them so badly that I took her up on her offer without any hesitation whatsoever. I mean, I'd been hearing about how amazing Swedish Fish were around every Internet corner, and I'm not one to miss out on a tasty treat craze if I can help it.

My little package arrived on Saturday, and within minutes my house full of people were having a fish eating party around my kitchen table. I had to grab my camera and snap this picture before they were all gone!

Oh, man, they were GOOD. Thank you, Pam, for sending those my way!!!

Later that day, I descended on Mel from Mel, A Dramatic Mommy.

She had posted about some books she wanted to sell and asked if anyone had any advice on using Craigslist or Knowing that we were neighbors, I swooped in and asked her if I could have a go at them first.

She very kindly said yes, AND let me go to her house! I went through her box of books like a giddy little girl, and pulled out 22 to take home and make mine.

Here's my book booty (you can see my "work station" in the background!). I feel a little bad that I got them for such a song. It's practically stealing considering the price she asked for them.

Mel is the first person from the blogging community that I've met in person! It was so much fun to talk with her face to face.

Thank you, Mel, for letting me grab all of those books!

I think I'm set for a good two years with this new stash and all the books I got at the used book sale. Now I just need to find the time to read. Something's gotta go, and it's not blogging. Cable? The kid? Maybe I'll start with sleep.


  1. hello yummy fish :)

    and the books - oh be still my heart. can i come over to your house and buy them from you when you are done??

    that is an awesome pile dear friend :)

    happy reading!!

  2. You just can't beat super cheap books to add to the shelf!! ;)

  3. Oh my word I am so jealous right now! What an awesome stack of books! :)

  4. How funny! I was just at the target (where I blew 50 bucks unintentionally) AND got my brat some swedish fish. She LOVES those!

  5. You got some GREAT books. Read Savannah Breeze's so funny!

  6. I just finished "Middlesex" last week and it totally rocked! Couldn't put it down!

  7. How fun!! The fish sound yummy and like a good time~
    Great find on the books...

    Thanks for follwing us on Twitter. I'll grab a button while I'm here-


  8. Books? Did somebody say books? I just bought 16 this weekend on Ebay. Does she have a store set up online to buy books? I tried her link, but for some reason it keeps timing out. Can you tell I'm super excited about BOOKS? lol

    I've never heard of Swedish Fish. Now I'm going to have to find those online, too! hahaha


  9. Oh, honey, you will LOVE Mary Kay Andrews.

    I couldn't tell what the others were, but I bet they are good!

    PS--Did that book ever make it to you?

  10. You have the best luck scoring great books! I am so jealous!
    Please start giving us some reviews occasionally. You obviously must get to read far more than I do.

  11. Oh those fish are my favorites!! But I cant have them now because of the braces on my teeth! Booooo. I'm living vicariously through you tonight :)

  12. A-ha! So you did score some major book-crack from Mels! Way to go. I'm envious.

    And yes, Swedish Fish are the Devil...a very tasty Devil, but evil just the same. *lol*

  13. So totally jealous! What the hell -- can't a girl from OB get into some book sale action??

    Oh well. When you're done with those, email me! :)

  14. Awesome. I would freak to have an opportunity to go through someone's box and bring home my favs. I can see Middlesex in there. That was awesome--gripping, disturbing, and eye-opening all at the same time. I thought it was incredibly well written.

    Thanks for dropping by. I love getting your comments.

  15. What a great stack of books, that should keep you busy. I am jealous that you were able to met a fellow blogger! ow fun. I must say that you are on my list to meet. The next time we visit my brother in Vista, you are on my list. Hope that's ok.

  16. Sounds like an awesome weekend.
    Those books look great--happy reading :)

  17. How incredibly nice that you received those...

    And what a score on the books? Yay for you!

  18. Ha ha! You're very welcome my dear. Read them in good health.

    I'm more of a Sour Patch Kids kinda gal (just bought some at Henry's). They might have Swedish Fish. I'll check the next time I'm there and let you know.

  19. sleep is so unnecessary... i mean really, who needs sleep?

    give up the tube, blogging is not even an option... oh wait neither is the kid ha! but seriously, the tv is such a time waster... i find myself watching stuff so ridiculous just to kill time... when i could be doing SO many other things!

  20. yummy yummy to the fish!!
    I see a lot of great books in your pile! I love.. Love.. LOVE reading!!

  21. I LOVE me some Swedish Fish!
    And look at all those!
    I'd love some book recommendations. I'd really like to start reading again...just for pure enjoyment! I just don't even know where to start. I'm trying to read "Love is a Mix Tape" right now...have you read it?

  22. oh, I'm a horrible swap buddy.. I should have sent sweedish fish. if you really like them I can send some from here.

  23. Can you believe I have never tried swedish fish either? (And I am not asking you to send them to me either.) :)

    And the book score is AWESOME!! Way to go!!

  24. Am I the only person in the world who doesn't care for Swedish fish? I'm just not a fan of gummy candy.

    I can only see Middlesex (which was AMAZING) in your pile. What else d'ja get?

  25. Ok, we have our post up with all our cool stuff from you!! Thanks again!! Did you ever get ours?

  26. Mel is great. I recognize a lot of those books and you definitely got some good ones.

  27. Seriously. No Swedish fish near you? Impossible.

    Glad you enjoyed the sweet, chewy goodness!

    And you are definitely the original BookMama! Seriously, looks like you scored some awesome reads!

    Between those and your book sale books, you are definitely set for a long while!

    BTW, just finished Water for Elephants last week - one of the best books I've read in a LONG time. Now I'm onto Chasing Harry Winston. Mindless and fast so far!


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