Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Request

Thank you to everyone who went and wished Sam from A Little Dragon Fruit a Happy Birthday! You guys rock! And she more than doubled her comment record (73 at last count). What a totally great birthday gift.

And now I'm sending out another appeal (I know, I haven't been big on the content lately, but I'm trying not to post until I'm on my new site, which should be any day now (WP is a beast to learn, but I'm getting there)).

This was too good to pass up, though. Because it's about ME! Auds over at Barking Mad is having a Photo Caption Contest, and I'm one of the final five contenders!

The winner gets two BPA free Camelbak water bottles. I would LOVE to have one of those. And if I win, I promise to share one with you! But the real reason for my appeal has more to do with my vanity. So far I'm the only one who's voted for my caption. A few sympathy votes would be awesome. And of course some real votes would be great, too!

Oh, and which caption is mine? "Little Orphan Annie discovers what a doll is." Once you see the picture you'll understand.

Yes, the grammar has me up in arms, too. But I hit submit before I realized my mistake. It's still haunting me! So please ignore my sentence structure and go with the meaning of the caption.

Click HERE to vote!


  1. I will go vote for you right now. It is definetly voting time around this country, and I want to make mine count.

  2. I like your caption! Mine has a bad word in it, but in my defense she said it first...

  3. No problem! She does look like orphan annie!!

  4. *ahem* Ms. KD! You mean "The Little Imp said it first"...well OK technically I guess I *did* say it first.

    You guys have no idea how hard it was to narrow the choices down. I still laugh when I go back and read them all.

    Anyhow...Carry on, get out the vote and all that good stuff!

    Oh, and Good Luck!

  5. I voted for you! I want you to get that water bottle!

  6. I totally voted for you. How cute was that picture?!

  7. I just voted for ya... good luck!

  8. I voted. How could I not? (And howz about them grammar apples?) :)

  9. I'll always vote for my Mamma mentor... GOOD LUCK, and if you don't win babe.. just remember "The sun will come out tomorrow..." had to do it.. sorry!

  10. I just voted for you and it looks like you are WINNING!!! Yipee!!

  11. I voted for you....Annie is one of my favorites, so cute! I hope you win!

  12. Hi Laural!
    I've Found your blog through Bia Mendonca. I am a father of triplets:
    And I have a friend, Bob Caetano, in San Diego which recently became a father of quadruplets.

  13. So excited to see your new blog Laural.

    Off to Auds to vote.


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