Monday, October 6, 2008

Goodbye, Mamasphere (AKA Want To Win 100 Smackeroos?)

Contest time is here!


So I went to see if was available, and it was! Well, of course it was, right? Who else would want I totally had a monopoly on that name. Why I didn't buy it right then and there, I don't know. I think I thought I had to know more about web hosting. When I went back to buy it about a week later, it was GONE.

Yep, someone else had grabbed my .com. I hired GoDaddy to make an offer, thinking that someone had just snatched it up to sell. But then I noticed when I did a mamasphere search (please tell me you guys do that, too) that was pretty high up on the list.

Turns out a parenting forum had bought the .com and was in the midst of designing the site so they could move their forum over. I was really bummed. REALLY bummed. I had come up with that name all on my own (one of my few bursts of creativity ever), and was going to have to share it. I went ahead and bought all the other domains and decided to go with .net as my main page. Yes, we could share space. It was going to be fine.

THEN I noticed that there was a giant TM after mamasphere on the .com page. What??? They want to TRADEMARK the name? That only means one thing. They want it all to themselves, with no sharing (and with trademarks, you can't use any variation of the word, so mommasphere and the such are out).

There is no way they didn't know about me. And I'm pretty sure my blog is the reason they decided to trademark the name, so they could send me a lovely cease and desist letter at a later date.

Believe me, lawyers were consulted. The other people hadn't submitted their application for the trademark yet, so I could get one in fast and probably win if they contested because I've been around for a heck of a lot longer. But it could get expensive. And I still wouldn't have

So I've decided to avoid the stress and the drama and just rename my blog! I can't for the life of me come up with a new name, though, and need some major help.

That's where you all come in.


Help me rename Mamasphere!

Here are the contest rules:

1) the .com must be available (you can check at
2) the name must not already be in use by another blog (I don't want to have bad karma)
3) the name must be four words or less (unless you have a kick ass longer name)
4) entries must be EMAILED to me and not left as a comment (email is in left sidebar)
5) entries will be accepted through October 24th! The winners will be announced on October 25th.

How to enter:

1) just send an email with a name! Oh, and please include YOUR name, and blog address if you have one.
2) or write a post and mention the contest (email me with post link)
3) or place contest button in sidebar and link back to this post (email me with blog link)
4) or do all three!


1) The Grand Prize is a $100 gift card to Target! If you win and don't have a Target in your area, I can work with you on an alternative.
2) The Runner Up Prize (for my favorite name that isn't used) is a $25 gift card to Target.
3) All other entries will be tossed in a hat and a random winner will walk away with a $50 gift card to Target.

So even if I don't pick the name you submit (and as long as the name adheres to the rules, you can submit as many times as you like), you still have an opportunity to win!


I'm sorry to see Mamasphere go. It's been such an important part of me. But since I have to do it, I'm excited to move on to something new. Better to be excited than depressed, right?

Please help me rename my blog!


  1. What a great contest! Bummer about your name though! Good Luck!

  2. Wow, that's insane.. I am totally joining.. I have to think upsomething good..

  3. by the way - yes move to the light ;) and p.s. how many entries can we have?

  4. Wow. I'm gonna have to come up with something good... I'm not very good at these! That's crazy they TM'd it and everything! Gosh...

  5. sorry bout losing the name friend...

    aww memories :)

    wish i had some stellar idea - i just spent $100 a target an hour ago. that gift card totally would have come in handy!!

    guess i will have to go put my thinking cap on!!

  6. great contest, i will have to think:)

  7. I love mamasphere. So sorry to see it go. I will brainstorm and place my entry soon.

  8. Oh no! But I'm sure you will come back bigger and better!!

  9. Puts on thinking cap and gnaws on pencil . . .

  10. Bummer! My .com is available too but I don't want to keep checking in case someone monitors that type of stuff. I'll put on my thinking cap.

  11. What a bummer!!!!
    But lucky for me--I love Target. I'll be thinking....

  12. Sorry about th name...I will start thinking...

  13. Phooey, I will miss the Mamasphere comments!

    BUT, $100 dollars if we help you name it?!

    I'm on it!!

  14. I just want you to know that you will always be Mamasphere to me.

    Also, are you a millionaire? Cause this is the best and most generous giveaway ever.

  15. That is a really awesome giveaway! Darn, I wish I was more creative. I will think about it and try to email you some ideas. That stinks about Mamasphere being taken.

  16. Before you do anything drastic, ask The Mom Jen (

    She had a "battle of the names" with another Cheaper Than Therapy.

  17. I will definetly be thinking...although I am not especially creative, I am going to think, think, think...but all for your best interest...i have no interest in 100 free dollars to get me some winter shoes for work this year..or a cute sweater..or xmas ornaments..nope. not a bit.

  18. good luck with the name!

    thanks for visiting my blog via BATW!

  19. Hi Laural!

    I'm so sorry about mamasphere! That sucks big time! I will try to think about name later (right I gotta got o bed) and try ti help you out a little bit!

    And I must say.. I'm really sorry to see mamasphere go to another person! It's very unfair! :(


  20. Wow. Injustices like that really make my blood boil!

    I'll be thinking of a name for you and will email you soon.

  21. dude! I cant get the button to work! Ahhhhhh.....
    Anyway how about calling it....
    mammary unlimited
    maternal misguidance
    eat your young

  22. of course NOW Im drawing a blank.


    I'll be back (please to read in AHROLD's voice)!

  23. I will help you think of a name. That is a total downer! I'm sorry, I love Mamasphere, that was very low of them to do to you.

    Good luck ...

  24. We will follow you to the end...whatever name you go by! :)

  25. Come on over to Norway & then we can head south for the winter & stay with your family! : )
    Thanks for stopping by & showing some bloggy love on my big SITS day!

  26. What? Who in the world doesn't have a Target within a resonable driving distance?


    What? You can't change your name. You are mamasphere, call it the blog of mamasphere - or all things mama and more, mamasphere.

    Whatever, I understand a trademark, stick to your guns, girl~

  27. Wow!! Good luck finding a new new!! Let me know what you decide on:-)

  28. No Target here :-( But that's okay, this is too cool for me to pass up!!! I'm off to find my thinking cap!

  29. Hmmmm. If only my creative bone hadn't been shattered recently. I will give it my best shot, however.

    Sorry to hear you're going through this, but think of it as spring cleaning, or a full-body makeover, or something. Takes the sting out a bit. :)

    -- Laurie @ Foolery

  30. What a great idea -- I've been racking my brains for months on a new blog name.

    If I had something good for my blog, I'd move onto helping you, but I'm still stumped!

    Good contest, though! Looking forward to what you come up with...and who doesn't love Target.

  31. Love the layout and blog. I'll put my thinking cap on and try to think of a clever name!


  32. Bummer...I just discovered your blog and love the name. I'm trying to name a llama on my blog, can't imagine having to rename the whole blog. If I come up with something brilliant (a yearly event, lol!) I'll certainly let you know. Off to read some of your past posts...good luck! Kim

  33. NO WAY!! I just started a blog. I'm SO not tech savy but my friends and family who are kept bugging me. So I did it about three weeks ago.. I'm still not even CLOSE to figuring it out.. but I found you and now I'm not only envious (you SO rock) I'm freaked out because I used mommasphere... I thought I was all kitschy with a play on words, totally original.. NOT! So I'll rename my sad sorry little blog before anyone sicks a law dog on me. AND I'll link to yours because as I mentioned before, you rock momma! Maybe you can give me a few pointers oh wise one.


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