Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Let Me Tell You About My SITStahs

Have you noticed the button in my sidebar that looks like this?

It's for an amazing site called The Secret is in the Sauce. SITS for short. And today is their SITS Blogathon! They are giving away some really great prizes, and I want in on the action, so here is my tribute to what this site means to me.

I can't remember whose blog I found the link off of, but I hopped on over to SITS and got on board fairly early in the game. The idea behind it was just too good to pass up. And the site creators and hosts, Heather and Tiffany, are super cool chicks and excellent at what they do.

Every day a new blog is highlighted, and all the SITS posse goes to that site and leaves comments galore. Eventually, all of the posse will have their turn in the spotlight. How awesome is that?! It's like a big community love in, blog style.

Besides the prospect of having my blog in big lights some day and experiencing all of the comment love, I love discovering a new blog every day. I think SITS is directly related to my Reader now being out of control. There are just so many great blogs!

Here are a few that I now read on a daily basis:

This is the Life
A Soft Place to Land
The Petersons Go Public
Stretch Marks
American in Norway
The Perlman Update

You can be a part of the posse, too! Go take a look at the site (and if you hurry you can get in on the prizes, too!).


  1. Very cool blog! Hope you're having fun with all the SITS blogathon mayhem... SITS rocks!

    Have a great day...

    :^) Anna

  2. SITS rocks! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!

  3. THank you!!!!! I love being amongst the company of the greatest women in the blogosphere! and I want a chair covered entirely in your sidebar paper :)

  4. I am ALL about being green. I have bookmarked your blog so I can come back and check out all these cool buttons!! AND I have to agree, I want a chair covered in your wall paper too. heh!

    SITS ROCK! They are bringing all kinds of new blogs to my bloglife today!

  5. Thanks! And don't worry about it! :)

    I've been feeling lazy to read all the blogs in my list too! I try to always keep track but there are so many! Most of the times I'm just answering commentaries, which I know it's very selffish!


  6. I am ALL about finding new blogs to read, that may be why MY blog reader is OUT OF CONTROL. But, I love it :)

    Thanks for pointing this bloggy group out to us addicts!


  7. Great post & beautiful blog!

    Happy Blog-a-thon :)

  8. Laural! Thank you so much!!! I have you on my reader too and it feels like I only get here once a month. :( Thank you so much for the shout out. You are so kind and I can see that I am in great company!

  9. hey sista... you are one of my favorites... Always good for a giggle! : )

  10. Hey girl,

    I am so glad I found your blog...okay, I'm so glad I found Secret in the sauce and they pointed out your fab blog. I can see the kids aren't going to get dinner tonight. I'm having way too much fun reading your blog!

  11. Newt to SITs and LOVE today's Blog-A-Thon!!!

    Going to check out your blog :)

  12. I am not doing a SITS post today as I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.

  13. Cool!! That's so neat, thanks for passing it on!

  14. Happy Blogathon Day from one SITSta to another!

  15. I actually looked at it a while ago, but was too intimidated...may go try it out!

    I left you an award on my blog:)

  16. I am late getting in on the blogathon, but hoping to catch up with the rest of my SITStahs soon! Going to check out the rest of your blog!

  17. Have great fun on this day that is almost done!

  18. Hey! One of the people on that list is me! I saw some traffic coming from your blog and had to see what was going on.

    I love reading your posts too. You make me laugh and you're just plain awesome!


  19. I hope you had a great blogathon day:-)

  20. Hello!

    Happy Bloggython Day, SITSta! How fun is this? Woo hoo!

  21. Yeah for SITShood!! It is so fun to visit so many new blog and meet so many new friends!!

  22. How cool! I'm going to have to check it out for sure now! Thanks for the heads up!

  23. Oh the blogathon was SO much fun! I seriously have a blog hangover right now! ahahhaha Hope you had a BLAST! I love some of your faves...visit them often. I'll have to check out the others! :-)


  24. Oh. My. Goodness. I am still making my rounds today. LOL I'm a SITS slacker.
    I can certainly relate! My blogroll/reader is workin overtime!

  25. Gosh, there were so many blogs, I'm *still* not done! Happy belated Blogathon, my fellow SITSta! :)

  26. Lula, Jennifer, have a great list!


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