Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Girl Can Dream

Gabi had her first sleepover last Friday night. She went home with a friend from preschool, so Gilberto and I had the WHOLE AFTERNOON AND NIGHT free!

What to do with a night all to ourselves? Stuff our faces and watch a movie, of course! We went out for a big dinner, then to see the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

And I've been trying to convince Gilberto to join the Secret Service ever since. Can you imagine being married to a sexy spy? Gilberto's already sexy, but he still needs to work on the spy part. He's not too keen on the idea, but I figure just a few more hints and maybe even a little nagging and WALAH, I'll have myself a spy!

In the meantime, as life plugs on as normal, I'll just bury myself in a bunch of Bond movies (I'm getting the whole series and watching them in succession).

I'm also pretty excited about the Transporter 3 movie that comes out soon. Hmmm, if Gilberto doesn't go for the spy thing, maybe I can convince him to hire himself out as a Transporter! He might do it if he can drive a tricked out Audi. That would bring in some BANK. And the whole crazy driving thing is pretty sexy, too. Not as sexy as a spy, but it would be a great runner-up.

Anyway, enough about my husband's exciting new job prospects.

The sleepover was so-so. We didn't get a middle of the night call like we were expecting, but when I picked her up the next morning I found out she had indeed woken up around 2, and they found her crying with her bag packed in the hallway. My poor baby! They were able to get her back to sleep, and by the time I got there she didn't want to leave. But I think we'll wait a bit before trying it again.

Which means we'll have to wait for another movie night. My Bond marathon, though, is a sure thing. Don't be alarmed if I become incredibly spy obsessed over the next few months!


  1. I want to see the movie, but I am not a fan of the new James Bond. He is not the handsomest they have chosen. Not convincing to me.

  2. I swear that my husband secretly works for the secret service or CIA. He denies it - but isn't that what a good agent would do!?

  3. lol~ I get sucked in like that too. Was the movie good? I have the first one with the new 007, still in the wrapper. I personally liked Pierce Brosnan, but alas, they felt he was getting too old. Too bad. At least you got a night to yourself, that sounds awesome!

  4. My son just saw the Bond, james bond, movie. He liked it.

    I thought that story was sooo cute about your little one's bags packed at 2 am. So sad yet such a great bloggy story!

  5. I keep telling Mr. Newlywed he would look GREAT with all those gadgets...

    Man I love James Bond...and Daniel Craig.

  6. Oh man. I am so in need of a date night. I'm green with envy!

    Thanks for sharing in my SITS day with me!

  7. you are a riot honey!!

    good luck with the hubby spy makeover!!

    and poor gabi - bags packed in the hallway - bless her heart :)

  8. I've been wanting to see that movie! I was laughing about your spy obsession, lol!

    And poor Gabi :( I'm glad she was able to fall back asleep, though! I still remember when I was little and I wanted to go home from a sleepover, lol!

  9. Awww Poor love!

    Okay and Jason Stathom (transporter) is HOT. Watch the bank job if you haven't already m'kay? You will love it.

  10. So happy to hear you got some 'quality' time with the main squeeze. I have to report though, considering my hubby is realy a "spy" (Special Agent at least), Bond is better. Don't get me wrong I've got one sexy hubby. But when he spent 2 months undercover, requireing that he not SHAVE or CUT HIS HAIR!!! He certainly was not channeling Sean Connery! How about next time you just get him some hand cuffs and one of those spy kits from Target toys and play Bond? he he he
    Sorry to her that precious didn't have a FABU time. I can tell ya though she'll be game for annother sleep over again before you will.

  11. Ok, THAT is one perk to "spacing the kids out" that I never thought of! With my babies two years apart, it will be a LONG TIME before I can convince both of them to go to friends' houses at the same time!

    And OOOOOOH I love me a good Transporter movie. :-) Don't go in much for Bond - too messy. I just keep telling Lo Gung I like it for the action scenes. ;-)

  12. Hey I was skiming over the new-ish layout here and it occured to me... you need to change Brazilian to "a Brazilian who is now also an American citizen". He worked hard for that:-)

    I'll email you soon

  13. I'd like to go "out" for a movie, but every time we plan to do so...the Hubs and I go shopping. ARGH!

  14. Awww, poor Gabi with her bag packed at 2 a.m. Sounds like she handled it okay, though!

    Now that she's been through it once, perhaps it'll get easier and easier each time. Now is it your turn to host a sleepover?

  15. A Bond marathon--ooohhh-can I join?!

    Don't worry, before you know it, Gabi will doing sleepovers every weekend!

  16. That reminds husband and I have not had a night out together forever. Maybe that's what we will give each other for Christmas or New Years:-)

  17. oh the movie sounds like so much fun, but the story of her crying is just so sad and cute at the same time!! I can't wait for the days of sleepovers:)

  18. Olivia has been talking my ear off about doing a sleep over. Not sure if I am ready - maybe when she's 10!!

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  20. Oh, a night watching a hot British spy ... not sure I could think of a better way to spend a kid-free night! You go!

  21. Her bag was packed? You must run a tight ship at your place if she thought of that! :)

    See, we saw the Quantum thing and I thought it was kind of lame. Lame in a deafening, relentless way. Afterwards we laughed about how the guys out in the desert had that pointless conversation about the "fuel cells."

    David: I was wondering why they were talking about it.

    Sam: I was just going 'Oh, fuel cells. Clearly those babies are going to blow pretty soon.'

    Bond is sexy, though. At least this one is! Not really a fan of previous bonds...


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