Monday, January 5, 2009

Tomorrow's Agenda: Hopping

Gabi spent most of last night attacking things around the house with karate moves. Well, kung fu moves, since she got the idea from Kung Fu Panda. She wasn't all that interested in the movie plot, but she sure soaked up the moves.

I'm thinking we should put her in some sort of martial arts class, because that kid can do a wicked spin kick. I know because I had to watch her do it three hundred times. She's still in the WATCH ME, MOM! stage.

Gabi: Watch me, mom!
Me: That was great!
Gabi: Wait! That's not it! Watch me again!
Me: That was great!
Gabi: Wait! That's not it! Watch me again!

And so on until bedtime. Which did not happen smoothly. Even after she was tucked in she kept throwing out random chops and kicks and high-yas.

Tonight she spent most of her time trying to fly. Mostly off the couch, and as various animals. Like butterflies, pelicans and humming birds. Each animal had their own flying technique. And, of course, I had to watch every single attempt at flight.

Things got interesting when she decided she was going to be a flying squirrel.

Gabi: Mommy, look at me!
Me: Gabi! Why do you have my bra?!
Gabi: It's my parachute!
Me: Why do you need a parachute?
Gabi: Um, because flying squirrels aren't really that good at flying.

And she used my bra, held high up over her head, for her next hundred jumps off the couch.

It was highly amusing the first ten jumps or so, but then after that it just became normal. Like, if someone had come over and asked why Gabi was jumping off the couch with a giant purple bra over her head, I would've said, "Um, she's trying to fly. Duh." and looked at them like THEY were crazy.

With all the watching I have to do, it's no wonder four hours a night isn't enough time to get everything done that I need to. It's also desensitizing me to what's normal. I'm afraid we're slowly turning into that weird family that has no idea that they're weird.


  1. We got that movie as a gift. And I am currently hiding it. My son thinks he can chop everything. Sister included. I think it may stay in hiding for a while. ;) Missed ya, hope you are having a happy new year!

  2. lol. Weird, what's that. Weird is the new normal or black... I forget which. ;)

  3.'s an epideic!!!

    Hope your bra comes through this alright- a good purple bra is hard to find these days! ;-)

  4. And also, please try to remember should she ever ask... garbage bags don't make good parachutes...LOL.

    Don't ask.

  5. Well, at least you get a Kick out of one another!

  6. Funny you should say that last bit. I said to David yesterday, "Are all children strange, or just ours?" He said, "I think they all are."

    Jarrah says "Lookit!" over and over and over.

  7. i think your weirdness is completely wonderful.

    is that weird?

  8. Haha, that's awesome! Love the fact that it's become "normal" to you!

  9. As someone who is weird that doesn't know she's weird, I say welcome to the club!

    Good to have ya!

  10. We are that weird family who thinks they aren't weird. So yes, you guys are too:-) Hee, hee, hee.

  11. My last post was called "Weird." No kidding.

    Isn't that...

    (you know that's next...)


  12. enroll that girl in some karate classes!!

  13. What a cute post! My thought is that if you enroll her in a soon as you plunk down the dollars, she'll lose interest. lol.

  14. At least you know you're becoming that family that doesn't know that you're weird. Umm...

  15. So funny. I can't believe she used your bra as her parachute.

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  17. {snicker, snicker}

    We had a joke in our old neighborhood. If you can't figure out which family is the weird one, it's probably you. ;-)


  18. I hope you're getting some video of this flying by purple bra thing! It's creative and cute and someday you'll be wishing for the days when she used to jump off the couch a gazillion times pretending to fly. (You'll have forgotten how annoying it was by then, too!)


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