Thursday, March 5, 2009

On A Hot Day You Head To The Mall

It was 40 degrees Celsius today, people. That's 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and totally unbearable when you factor in the 90% humidity. Even Brasilians were in hiding today. The few that we did see out walking were soaked in sweat.

We decided to escape to the mall, since I had a few things to pick up before we leave on Monday.

After getting my sister's birthday present (a teeny tiny bikini that I don't think she'll ever wear, but at least she can say she has one!), I headed into the bookstore because I say a display in the window that I just couldn't walk away from.

It looked like this.

And I walked out with this.

I'm so excited to have Twilight in Portuguese! I plan to read it with my dictionary as soon as I get home.

Our next stop was at the toy store for Gabi. The dolls here in Brasil have the weirdest little tufts of hair.

That last one with the long braids actually freaks me out a bit! Luckily, Gabi doesn't like tufts, so I don't have to worry about having any of these around the house.

Since Gabi was hungry, we went to the food court and got her some McDonald's, much to my MIL's dismay. But once Gabi saw the Golden Arches there was no way she was going to eat anything else. I might've also had ulterior motives in agreeing to dine there, because I knew they had Coke Zero. Not exactly the same as a Diet Coke, but close enough.

They also had this.

Banana pies. Like the famous apple pies, but banana. You just can't escape the banana here.

On our way out of the mall, we stopped at Carrefour, a huge supermarket. I figured it was now or never if I wanted a picture of the huge lines, and pulled out my camera.

Here's the line, though it was about half the size that I usually see. It comes down on the right, then turns back around on the left (the guy in white with this hand on his mouth is where the line u-turns).

The reason the lines are so long? The cashiers take their precious time checking people out. Maybe it's because they're nice and comfy in their chairs?

The one thing that they're fast at is getting something if you ask for it. Like you discover you have cracked eggs. No problem- the runner on rollerskates will skate over to the eggs and get you a new carton lickity split.

We took the bus home because it was just too hot to walk. Here was some graffiti across the street from our bus stop.

I LOVE Brasilian graffiti, at least in Santos. It's so colorful.

I'm lucky I made it onto the bus. You have to go through this turnstile.

It's TINY. I'd say about a size 12. I am not a size 12. But I squeezed through, thank goodness. Can you imagine if I'd gotten stuck in the turnstile?


  1. 40 degrees! Yeeeeikes!!!

    Getting stuck in a turnstile? Definitely somewhat blushworthy, but just think of the blog fodder. ;) Damn skinny Brasilians... (I'm not a size 12, either.)

    I love how "Twilight" translates in Portuguese! "Crepusculo" -- that sounds so descriptive!

  2. it is hot isn't it? I am still waiting for the cooler nights...but alas, not yet!
    I have seen the Twilight books everywhere recently...I have already read them in English, and Spanish would be more productive for me...
    anyways, great grafitti, we here have some that is nice, but mostly the ugly black destroying beautiful old buildings kind.
    the people on roller skates cracks me up...sometimes I like to have something break jsut to see how fast it takes them, hahaha! (no I don't break anything on purpose :)

    Enjoy your last few days! Keep in touch when you go home!

  3. k...the DOLLS are super scary...

    but i bet you'll have a blast reading your new book!!

  4. Those dolls do have a bit of a creep factor...the one with the braids is seriously freaking me out.

  5. Wow...lot's to comment on:

    That's hot!!

    Those dolls are creepy!

    I love the roller runners in the grocery store:-)

    Thanks for the peak into the everyday life of Brazil:-)

  6. OMGosh. I would not survive the heat down there! And I thought it was bad enough living in TN!

    I LOL'd at the pic with the doll in braids!

    How awesome is it that the grocery store has runners on roller skates?!!??! HA!

  7. I LOVE all of the pictures! Those dolls were C R E E P Y!
    When do you go home?

  8. Hey, I almost bought that book in French today...I can't believe they have Carrefour in Brazil, it's so French, but the check out girls are about as speedy.

  9. THat is one freaky looking doll!! Glad you got to go to the mall to escape the hot weather! :)

  10. Thanks for sharing the pics - especially from the grocery store. I don't think I'd enjoy working at a cash register sitting down. For that matter, I wouldn't enjoy it standing up either! LOL!! It's pretty cool having the skaters - that would be fun...

    Okay - scary dolls, but I'd really HATE to see the babies they based these dolls on...YIKES!!!

    I wish I could be there to run around with you - it sounds like so much fun. I'm so ready for a beach trip - Heck, I'd settle on any kind of trip at all.

    Hope you have safe travels home!

  11. Okay, this post and its accompanying photos are so many kinds of awesome I don't know where to start. Banana pies. Roller-skating runners. Crazy lines at the Carrefour (by the way, there was a Carrefour in Chongqing! :)) Tufty dolls. And best of all, the "crepuscular" (?) version of Twilight. Wha?

    I really think you are doing an important ethnographic service here, missy. I am getting this amazing impression through your eyes. I want to go to Brazil now!

  12. I am glad you enjoyed your visit down here. I am sorry that I couldn't go to Santos to meet you in person.

    Have a safe trip back home!!!


  13. OH, I would so love to try those banana pies. And that line is ridiculous. Reminds me of some I've seen in Santiago. They too have the cashiers that sit down. Must be nice. And those dolls are way too freaky. That turnstile is crazy.

  14. Thank goodness for the malls! At least there is one place we can get some good AC. I end up retreating to ours as well.

    Wow, not having kids I hadn't paid much attention to the dolls. Yikes! Won't be taking any of those back for friends.

    I responded to your comment as well. Thanks! If you have the chance to get to Curitiba you will love it there! Be sure to have some amazing food in Batel if you go.

  15. Laural, my sister has the whole Twilight Series in english and portuguese!!!

    And can you believe that the chaptels that were realeased online from Midnight Sun peole here already translated them and I printed everything! hehehe!!


  16. What's the deal with the long lines at the grocery store? Do they only have 1 lane open?

    Oh, and I think all the dolls are creepy. Really creepy.

    Now I really want an apple pie from McDonalds. Thanks a lot.


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