Monday, May 25, 2009

Goldie Meets Her Maker

Memorial Day took on a new meaning in our house today.

In addition to remembering the brave men and women who served our country, we also mourned the death of our beloved pet, Goldie the Goldfish, who passed away this morning.

(This is not Goldie, she was much MUCH fatter)

Once she was discovered belly up, we realized that the bubbler thing had been unplugged. Official cause of death: suffocation.

I was immediately suspected in bringing on her demise with some foul play, since everyone around here knows how much I hated that fish, but we soon figured out that Gabi had accidentally done the unplugging when she was playing with Gilberto's power drill. (It sounds worse than it was, I swear. And, no, we won't be telling her about her role in Goldie's death.)

Gabi's actually taking it quite well, though she won't let us flush Goldie down the toilet. I tried to get her all hyped up on sending Gabi back to the ocean Nemo style, but she wouldn't hear of it. We have to have a funeral, complete with coffin, and bury her beneath the tree where our other two fish are resting. We put it off until tomorrow, when all of the neighbors will be back at work, just in case there's some HOA rule about burying pets in public places.

I'm so over having pets, even ones as easy as fish. I just can't do it. Heaven forbid we move and I have to fulfill our promise to get Gabi a dog.


  1. Poor Goldie. May she swim in peace.

  2. You promised her a dog?! Oh dear.

    You know, I had a pet once that was PERFECT - his name was Hector Protector (because he was dressed all in green). He was a plant, and he kept me company at my desk job...he hardly needed any interaction, just a bit of water every few days. Yup - pet plants are DEFINITELY the way to go!

  3. Sorry to hear about Goldie! maybe Gabi will forget about the dog!?

  4. Oh a DOG! I thought I was a dog person... then I got one. DON'T DO IT! You think a fish is bad? UGH! :) I am all for pet plants... then again, I can't keep them alive either...

  5. You know I love dogs . . . I know they are a lot of work, but really - significantly less work than your kid (and I know your kid).

    I might even be getting a new dog (rescue) - a black and tan coonhound - I just might have to call her Rosie if it all goes through :) (Remember the story I told you about Gabi? Same dog breed as the pup).

    The dogs are WAY better than the cats and much more cuddly than the boa constrictor.

    Even the snake is more cuddly than the fish though ;)

    Sorry about the goldfish. If it makes you feel any better . . . I can barely keep the houseplants alive - that job falls to the roommate!

  6. OMG, I actually snorted at the HOA.. That would be my neighborhood too!!!

  7. Okay, not sure which part of this is the most hilarious. :)

    And I'm with you...ambivalent about pets. I mean, I love them--but do I want to take CARE of one? :)

  8. We've never had any luck with fish here...and believe me, we tried!

  9. OMG, I'm sorry but this was quite funny to me :)

    Get a dog. :)

  10. Condolences on the passing of Goldi.

    Want a cat? I jest. Well maybe not. If Geronimo sneak attacks me again he's seriously gonna end up on a milk carton. I don't care how damned cute he is!

  11. I have a difficult time with pets too. I get too attached.

  12. we've got plenty of extra pets you may borrow ;)
    I'll even walk them to your house!

  13. I can't tell you how many fish I killed back in the day. I'm surprised we have kept a cat AND dog alive as long as we have. LOL

  14. What a horrible picture (yes, I see it's not your fish, but yuck)! Sorry about the passing of your little friend, better luck next time :)

  15. Sorry about Goldie. I'm hoping my kids stop asking me for a dog. I can only imagine how rough they would be on a dog, as I see how mean they are to my cat. *shakes head*


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