Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Gabi saw this picture...

And said, "Look, mom, it's Lady Gaga!"

Of course I had to repeat what she'd said in Portuguese to all the ladies in the salon, and everyone erupted in laughter, telling Gabi what a doll she was.  She didn't quite know what her mistake had been (it's strange to think she's never seen a picture of Marilyn Monroe), but she was glowing form all of the attention.

I love going to salons here in Brazil.  They are bright, vibrant places full of chatter.  Women who have never met each other before give opinions on hairstyles and talk about babies and grandchildren and politics.  And Big Brother, which is huge here.  And my favorite, how to find a good maid or nanny. 

I love the comraderie.  And I love that Gabi loves it, too.  It's the perfect place for a girls' day out.  Not to mention that you can get a manicure and pedicure for just $6!  I won't even go into the incredibly cheap prices for waxing (it makes the pain TOTALLY worthwhile).


  1. wow, $6 for a mani pedi, awesome! that is so cute, bradley loves her music for some weird reason!

  2. Nothing makes waxing pain worthwhile...

  3. So. You get a REAL brazilian, IN Brazil? AND it's cheap?! I guess none of that matters there is no way I'm getting into one of their teeny tiny brazilian bikinis... LOL

  4. Lady Gaga!!! Good one, Gabi! hahaha

    I hope you are enjoying Brasil! I've been very homesick since the end of the year is approaching... can't wait to go back for a few weeks and get my nails done very cheap! :)

  5. I have a good friend and coworker, named Gabi, who is Brazilian, I swear.

    She'd LOVE this.

    And also? Portuguese, in my opinion, is the sexiest language there is. And if I were to learn a new language (like I have the time for that) it would be Portuguese.

  6. Hmmm even more of a reason to go visit Brazil. Except for the lack of speaking Portugese thing! I love the $6 mani/pedi. And Lady Gaga? Too cute!

  7. What a cutie! It's funny to think that our kids have no concept of all those celebrities we grew up knowing as icons.
    Going to the salon in Brazil sounds like a blast--I wish I was there!!

  8. That is so funny and cute!
    A $6 mani/pedi!? I too am jealous. I feel a need to visit, or maybe move to Brazil. I only wax normal areas, eyebrows, lip if need be, etc.. If cheap enough though, I could be persuaded to do other things, LOL.

  9. I can't believe that it's only $6, I'd be in there weekly (at a minimum) ;)

  10. $6 dollars? SHUT.UP.. I am sooo jealous!
    I sooo need to catch up on your blog... sorry I have beeN M.I.A FOREVER

  11. Oh, that IS funny! lol. and... $6 ?? WOW!


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