Saturday, April 30, 2011

Passing On The Torch

It's official.  Gabi has the Brazilian soccer gene.


Most Brazilians have their kids playing soccer before they can walk, so Gilberto has been waiting six excruciatingly long years for his daughter to take the field and see what she's got.  We had no idea if she'd inherited his genes, which are steeped in a long tradition of soccer greatness, or mine, which are not. 

In fact, I'm pretty much a lost cause when it comes to sports.  I was kicked off the sixth grade volleyball team for continuously knocking down teammates, and shot an arrow into the gym wall during archery.  I won't even go into why I didn't make the softball or basketball teams.

Understandably, I wanted Gabi to be a bit older, and more sure on her feet, before participating in a contact sport.  Knowing about my tendency to trip on air, Gilberto agreed.  I am happy to say, though, that Gabi played her very first game today and ROCKED IT. 

As goalie she kept the other team from scoring, and as forward she scored all three of her team's goals!  Not even a minute after the game had ended, Gilberto was on the phone with his family in Brazil, passing on the great news.  They've been on Soccer Alert ever since I popped Gabi out, and based on the screams I heard coming from the other end, they are just as excited as Gilberto.

The man is seriously bursting with pride.

What I haven't told him is that besides being terrible at sports, I also have a terrible case of beginner's luck.  That arrow that I shot into the gym wall?  Was after my very first shot struck a bull's eye.  We'll have to wait until next Saturday to see if she's inherited my genes after all.


  1. This post s so funny! I know exactly what you mean! Unfortunately my dad was not as luck as Gilberto, and none of us is very good in sports! I was a great swimmer, but that I got from my mom that was one too! No one got the soccer gene from my dad, not even my younger brother (he tried though!)


  2. You can see his pride in this photo! Congrats to Gabi for a GREAT game!

  3. Hahahaha....congrats, Gabi!!!

  4. So funny! And potentially scary too! Gooooo GABI!!! Hope next week is just as rocking! :)

  5. How cute!!! Way to go Gabi!!! That's how it is. She's got brazilian blood as well, haha.

  6. Way to go Gabi! A proud moment for Dad.

  7. I have one Brazilian friend and hardly a day goes by without hearing, "Brazil, 5 time world cup champions"! It's in the blood! What fun for the whole family!

  8. *snort* I love it! Little Miss played her first game on Friday. Unfortunately, no one expained goal tending, so she crouched on her haunches at the back of the goal during her turn. Not the best way to keep the ball out ;) She'll figure it out soon though, right? YAY to Gabi. And here's hoping she got the hoped for genes!

  9. Love it! My husband played soccer for years, so I think there was probably a slight sting when it turned out our oldest had 2 left feet and would rather pick dandelions and chat with the goalie than actually chase the ball!

  10. I love it. Both of my kids play and I coach. Thankfully they seem to have inherited their love of sports from me, and not their Dad. :) Hope she doesn't just have your beginners luck.


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