Friday, August 24, 2007

Gabi's Favorite Things

Last night on the way home from Trader Joe's (what is up with those carts?), I asked Gabi what her favorite things are. Gotta keep car time exciting! I knew she'd have a few, but was really surprised at how long her list ended up being. I had to pull over and write them all down so I wouldn't forget! In pretty much the same order as was said:

and Butterflies
and Rainbows
and Dolphins
and Red Cars
and Sharks
and Whales
and Bears
and Care Bears
and Hearts
and Clouds
and Rocks
and Leaves
and Flowers
and Trucks
and Plants
and Letters
and Lizards
and Bees
and Bugs
and Beetles
and Trees
and Princesses
and Dora (uh oh!)
and Diego
and People
and Dogs
and Special Treats

I'm glad that Gabi likes so many things! She got a kick out of hearing me read her list back to her, and we spent the rest of the car ride talking about why mermaids and rainbows make her so happy.

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  1. Wow! With so many things that are her "favorite," I'm curious to know what she DOESN'T like! I mean, really, who likes bees??? I like how she finished with "special treats," as if perhaps mentioning it at the end might get her one. (:

    And, by the way, you writing what she said down and then reading it back to her is an INVALUABLE literacy experience. You should put the list up on the refrigerator so she can see it. Or have her pick a couple she can draw (can a 3 year-old draw a tree?), label the drawing with the word, and hang that up. She'll start associating the word with the object and the sounds with the letters. Not that you need any help in this're already raising one smart kid. It's just something off the top of my head.

    Still loving your blog!


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