Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hello? Anybody There?

Gabi's not a big phone talker. Yet. I'm fully aware that this will change oh too soon. I know we should enjoy this period in our lives where our daughter has no interest in talking on the phone for hours on end, but we currently go to great lengths to get her to talk to distant friends and family, who actually WANT to listen to the incoherent ramblings of a three year old.

We have to bribe her with binkys and special treats (i.e. chocolate) to talk to her Grandparents in Brazil. So I was really excited when I called my mom for my morning update and heard this:

Grandma: Gabi, do you want to talk to your Mamae?

Gabi: Yes!!

Oh, my dear, wonderful daughter! You want to talk to me!!

Gabi: Hi, mommy. Hold on.

I could hear my mom laughing in the background. She soon got back on the phone and told me that we had one smart little girl on our hands. Gabi had just gone potty and needed help getting her underwear back on. She didn't want to wait until my mom was off the phone, so she agreed to talk to me, took the phone, told me to hold on, and put the phone out of Grandma's reach.

The laugh we had was most definitely worth the diss!

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