Monday, August 6, 2007

My Sweet Girl

I've been hearing a lot lately how the terrible threes are the new terrible twos. Moms everywhere have been warning me that having had an easy going two year old not prone to flailing on the ground in the middle of Target has in no way opted me out of the Terribles. "If she didn't do it when she was two, just wait, it'll happen when she's three." And apparently it's worse, because it's done with a more sophisticated three year old mind.

It's true that Gabi has been throwing more fits, some that could definately be considered full on tantrums, and has discovered that screaming at the top of her lungs gets her a LOT of attention, AND has started this new thing where she pretends I don't exist on occassion. But overall, Gabi has continuted to be the sweetest little girl. Lately, she's been telling me quite a bit that I'm the Best Mommy in the Whole Wide World Ever. It makes my heart melt, but more often than not it is suspiciously said right after I get on her about something. This must be where the sophisticated mind comes in.

Me: GabriELLA, do NOT jump on mommy out of nowhere. It hurts me!
Gabi: You are the Best Mommy in the Whole Wide World Ever!
Me: Ahhh. You are the Best Daughter in the Whole Wide World!

Where did she learn to use the art of conciliation so effectively? Even though it's done with sly intent, I can't help but think, "She jumped in my lap without warning, causing extensive bruising on my thighs and belly, but she did it out of LOVE." She's a clever one!

She's also got the drive-by snuggle down pretty good. One minute I'm sitting all by myself, the next I have a little girl rubbing her head against my arm like a little kitty, and then I'm suddenly all alone again. Gabi is past the age of rocking to sleep and cuddling on the couch while watching a movie. She is Miss Independent, and while she loves hugs and kisses, they need to be short in duration or they might interrupt too much of her play time.

The only time I get to REALLY snuggle with Gabi anymore is when I put her to bed (she loves to sleep with her head on my arm) and when we first wake up. She is almost always the first one up, and I'll feel little hands pushing on me until I roll over. "Mommy! It's Good Morning time!" We then lay for a bit with our foreheads touching, newly wrapped up in the blankets and talking about what the new day has in store for us. It's such a precious moment.

Gabi's fits, when she doesn't get something she wants (her world has to be ordered JUST SO), and her ignoring me when I ask her to do something she doesn't want to do, are actually pretty infrequent. She really is a sweet little thing full of love and compassion. And her toy sharing abilities are improving! I think she's up to around the ten minute mark now before she starts to get worried about the permanence of something staying in her playmate's hands.

When things get tough, I just need to deep breathe and remember how good I really have it, with such a wonderful daughter, who's really just learning about life. And who has already learned that flattery will get her out of almost anything. She can call me the Best Mom in the Whole Wide World anytime.

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  1. "(her world has to be ordered JUST SO)"....hmmm....who does that remind me of?


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