Thursday, August 9, 2007

Scatter Brain

I just got done making two calls. One to Lowe's to check on the delivery status of my mixer order, and one to cancel a Dr appointment. While on hold with Lowe's, I was looking at my a printout with all of my Dr's info, trying to find the phone number.

Lowe's: Thank you for holding, how can I direct you?
Me: Oh! Shoot, why did I call? Oh yeah, I can't find the name. Wait, wait, wait, here it is! I need Dr B's office.
Lowe's: Um, this is LOWE'S?
Me: OH! Gosh, I'm sorry. Ummmm, I need... Small Appliances! Yes, small appliances.
Lowe's: You need appliances?
Me: No, SMALL appliances. I need to check on an order status.
Lowe's: Whatever.

Luckily, I was transferred to Small Appliances.

I think I'm too old for multi-tasking anymore. It's just too stressful.

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