Thursday, October 4, 2007

Fashion From A 4T Perspective

Oh my goodness gracious. Gabi is now dressing herself. It started out small, with picking just a shirt, or a favorite pair of socks, but she is now selecting her whole outfit, from head to toe. And she's been looking, um, a bit interesting of late.

Gabi has definite opinions about what she does and does not like. If I offer to help her get dressed, I had better pick the right thing! Even though she's not obligated to wear it, if I pick the wrong thing, she will fling herself on the bed and cry at my horrible taste.

You know how you have to pick your battles? I've decided that clothing will not be one of mine. When it comes to hair, THAT is a battleground I'm willing to die on. But I let Gabi pick what clothes she wants to put on her body (except for church and parties, but isn't there always a disclaimer of sorts?). Her looking like a hippie ragamuffin is a small price to pay for how proud she is of herself. It makes her feel like such a Big Girl.

I do, however, have a few tricks up my sleeve. Since reason doesn't seem to be one of Gabi's strong points, I've been known to get up in the morning and hide things that I don't want her to wear that day, to help in her selection of appropriate attire. Like the tie-dyed t-shirt that is so small her whole belly hangs out, that she loves to pair with flowery leggings. Yeah, so NOT going to happen if I have to take her out in public. Or the Alaska socks that are too small that keep sliding down in her shoes (which means I have to stop every 30 seconds and pull them back up for her).

I also use the wonderful technique known as Reverse Psychology. If I really want her to wear something, I will tell her how awful it is and that she probably shouldn't wear it that day, which more often than not results in her wearing it that day.

But there are still many days when she ventures out in a variety of mixed prints, or in many different hues of the same color. Most of the time I think she looks quite endearing, all dressed up in her finery and feeling good about herself. At least the clothes are of good quality- worse case scenario is that people think her mother is color blind. Or pattern blind.

For Fall I'm trying a new trick. I bought clothes that all match regardless of what combo she chooses. We'll see if it works. Though I think I might miss taking her out in her pink princess dress and bright yellow Dora vest. THAT was quite the outfit.

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