Friday, October 5, 2007

Saving The World Every Night Between The Hours Of Seven And Midnight

My man is a hard worker. No work ethic problems here. I feel so blessed to be married to someone who values taking care of his family as much as he does. So I don't come down too hard on his favorite way to relax after a long, hard day of work.

He likes to play those online computer games. The ones where you can be anything from an ogre to a superhero, and get to wear a cape and slay strange creatures. He's not allowed to start until after I take Gabi up to bed, and when I come back down he's already deeply immersed in his hobby. I don't see the allure at all, but he loves them, and he's GOOD. He has several characters in several games that would bring a bundle if I could ever figure out how to sell on eBay.

He doesn't play continuously. He does get up to get water and to pee. Or to find chocolate. You know, because it takes a lot of energy to save the world every night. And he's willing to spare an hour to watch Lost or The Biggest Loser with me, or the Ultimate Fighting Championship with himself. He's devoted to his online team, but he's also flexible.

I'm actually quite content with this arrangement. Well, mostly content. It allows me a good two hours to do what I want without worrying if he's unhappy or restless. I get to watch my HGTV guilt free. And I get something to tease him about, since he has so much more on me (like how I randomly break into song in public, forgetting that we're not alone). Sometimes, though, I wish we were more like Ma and Pa on Little House On The Prairie, sitting around the table after supper, sewing and recapping the day. You know, CONNECTING.

Last night he was in Vegas for work. It was so strange to not have him sitting at the computer while I puttered around. I missed him being there. Though it might have been more that I just didn't have anyone to bug. I kept turning to talk to him, only to find an empty seat. I couldn't make him watch a funny commercial, or discuss the items on my To Do list. I was so lonely! I realized that even as he fights for the good of the world, he still keeps me pretty good company.

So tonight, as I catch up on all my shows, I hope he's home in time to recommence our normal nightly routine.

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