Friday, September 14, 2007

Just A Typical Morning

Every morning I call my mom for an update on how things are going on the home front. I just got off the phone with her.

Me: Hey, mom. How's it going?

Mom: Hey. Tabitha is over playing with Gabi and we just took a green worm from the back patio and set it free on the front lawn.

Me: A green worm? Did it crawl through the paint?

Mom: Paint? Oh. No, it was actually green. I'm in the kitchen and I'm going to make...

Mom, to Gabi: Gabi! No! I don't know how much is in there!

Mom, back to me: I wanted it to be sugar free, but I don't have enough Splenda, so I'll have to half and half it with sugar.

Mom, to Gabi: Gabi, NO!! Get out of here right now.

Mom, back to me: She gets so willful when friends are over! When I tell her to do something, she does the opposite!

This is when I hear some massive bickering between two three year olds in the background.

Mom, back to me: I have to go! I have some refereeing to do. Bye.

Me: Okay, bye!

I'm pretty sure I heard the line go dead before I got my goodbye completely out.

I turn back to my computer, imaging the chaos occurring at my house while enjoying the peace and quiet of the office.

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