Friday, September 21, 2007

What Is Up With Her Makeup?

I gave a Department Overview presentation to a group of people yesterday. Since part of the group would be joining us via video conferencing, I decided to snaz things up a bit and wear some makeup. Mainly, mascara, so that the people looking at me on a screen would see that I have eyes.

I haven't worn makeup since the early days of my pregnancy, which is right about four years ago. I used to be quite fashionable, and would spend a good amount of time every morning getting all dolled up for the work day ahead. Then I started growing a human being inside me and would fall asleep with my forehead on my keyboard.

And, oh my goodness, the YAWNING. I yawned a LOT. And with all that yawning came eyes full of cascading water. I would try to dab at my eyes in a mascara avoidance fashion, but it was inevitable that I would look at myself in the rear view mirror on my way home from work and see a raccoon looking back at me. All the tears also smudged my foundation and blush. It didn't take me long to realize that the makeup had to go.

I thought I might be able to start wearing makeup when I returned to work, but I still yawn too much to make that a wise venture. I'm not sure what possessed me to wear makeup yesterday, when it was a given that people would be staring at my face. When I got back to my desk after my presentation, there they were, two long lines of mascara smudges under my eyes. It must have been pretty obvious to the people in the same room that I was having a makeup mishap, but hopefully the people on the screen just thought I was super tired that morning. I spent the rest of the day looking in my compact mirror trying to maintain damage control.

No more makeup at work. Especially for presentations. Though I do still have my trusty Clinique powder compact for shine. THAT I will never give up.

I look at all the other moms that are still fashionable and get a bit nostalgic for the good ol' makeup days, but at least I can rub my eyes freely without worrying about what kind of animal I look like.


  1. Silly, that's what WATERPROOF mascara is for!

  2. That's what I thought, too! But waterproof doesn't seem to work on me.


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