Monday, September 24, 2007

10 Random Things About Me

1) My car smells like gym socks and I can't figure out why.

2) I would love to have a clothesline, but my HOA doesn't allow them. Instead of neatly hung sheets and towels, my neighbors are instead subjected to sheets and towels slung all over the back patio on chairs and strollers.

3) I hate coffee and anything coffee flavored. I only have a coffee maker in my house for my mom and overnight guests who insist on drinking coffee in the morning. Actually, it's not even mine. My mom is from the good old days when people offered coffee to visiting guests after dinner and was appalled that I didn't have one on hand, so that's what I got her for Christmas.

4) I randomly hiccup. Just one hiccup here and there. Sometimes two. When I was pregnant, though, I hiccuped a few times an hour, and Gabi got hiccups in the womb. It was one of the most annoying things I've ever experienced, to have hiccups on the inside!

5) My favorite smell is of dirt. Especially after it rains! Oh my, that is a delicious smell. I also love the smell of dust and freshly cut grass. When I was in Kindergarten, my school was down a dusty dirt road in Alaska. I remember leaning my head out the window to breath it in.

6) I love to bundle up. We leave the heat off during the winter (you really only need it two or three nights out of the year in a climate like San Diego's) and snuggle up in socks, sweaters and fuzzy blankets. It's the best time of the year.

7) I get flustered when I yawn in the car, because I'm not sure if you're supposed to put your hand over your mouth or not. I mean, I'm driving, it doesn't seem safe! Ingrained etiquette always gets the best of me and my hand flies up, but is it considered rude to NOT cover your yawn in this situation? Or are you still expected to? I yawn a lot, so this is a serious dilemma for me.

8) My two biggest pet peeves are when people don't RSVP, and don't send thank you notes.

9) I prefer my fruit cut up. By someone else. It's just so much more appetizing that way.

10) My husband believes that if your shoe is turned upside down, it will kill your mother. It's a Brazilian superstition. I secretly turn his shoes upside down when he's not looking, just to prove him wrong. I really hope that doesn't backfire on me some day.

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  1. Just hilarious!
    Regarding no 6, if you like to bundle up - move to Sweden! That´s is what we do 75% of the year... :-)


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