Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Our Situation As Of Tuesday Morning

Gilberto stayed up all night to monitor our evacuation status while Gabi and I slept. We are currently in an estimated evacuation zone because of the Witch Creek Fire. I still think we're okay, but we're on alert.

We got up early this morning and watched the sun rise behind the smoky haze. It was beautiful, but eerie. We left footprints in all the ash, which is falling down like snowflakes. It looks white as it falls, but the ground is dirty brown. Much to Gabi's dismay, we're staying inside today.

Just as Gilberto was heading to bed to catch up on all the sleep he lost, his work called and asked him to rescue one of those billboard things you pull behind a truck. He's going to have to drive through the fire to get to where it is, so I doubt he'll be able to do it, but they want him to try anyway. They better be paying him triple time.

It smells like we've had a beach fire burning in our house all night long. If the air quality gets too much worse, we might leave just to get to some fresh air.

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