Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last Fire Update

The Witch Creek Fire has turned back East. It's still huge and unruly and causing massive destruction, but we are now well out of it's current path. Which means, we're back at work!

Despite the reason for being home, it was nice to have Monday and Tuesday off. I was able to put my house in more order than usual. And got caught up with laundry. I always have something to do with unexpected free time.

Gabi, on the other hand, was not coping well with having to stay inside all day. And there was nowhere to escape to. Any outdoor spot was out, including the beach, and I could only think of one indoor play area, which was in an evacuated area. And it looks like she'll be indoors all this week, as the Camp Pendelton fires are still filling the air with fresh smoke and ash.

To keep Gabi entertained, we've had to get pretty creative. When everything else has already been done, it's amazing how quickly you agree to letting a three year old glue flower petals onto every toy in sight. Which is really messy. But it kept her happy for a very long time.

I've been wondering quite a bit lately if we made the right decision to buy our house in the area that we did. Several of the neighborhoods that we had considered have been burned out, and I've been finding myself so thankful to be where we are. For all the people who lost homes, though, my heart is breaking.

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