Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Firetruck Behind Our House

When I got home from work, the front door was locked. I heard my mom call from inside that she would let me in (our front door lock is a bit tricky). I heard a bit of commotion as Gabi yelled that SHE would get it, and the door flung open.

Gabi: Mommy, mommy! I have something BIG to tell you!

Me: What is it, honey?

Gabi: A women fell and hurt her face and there was blood all over her and on the sidewalk and the firetruck came and an ambulance came and put her inside and took her to the hospital!

Grandma: I took Gabi out to see the firetruck, but a police officer was walking by and told me what happened and that it might not be good for her to see. So we came back in.

Gabi: Mommy, will you take me to see the blood on the sidewalk?

Do all kids have such a morbid fascination with blood? Gabi loves to get close and personal with other people's scrapes and wounds. Her favorite TV shows are the ones on the Discovery Health channel that show injured people in the ER and doctors doing full on operations. She'll pick Medical Emergency over Winnie the Pooh any day.

I hope this shows a predisposition to being a doctor. And not, say, a butcher of some kind.

We did go to look at the blood, but it had already been cleaned up.

Gabi: Oh, MAN! Oh, well. We can see it next time, mommy.

Me to Gabi: Sure, honey. Me to myself: I hope not!

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