Tuesday, October 30, 2007

On The Sly

I just got off the phone with the new receptionist at my chiropractor's office. Because the last receptionist was fired. For stealing the Doctor's identity.

Yep. The job was just a cover for her to get into his bank accounts and clean him out. On the side she was also applying for every credit card offer known to man in his name. One of them, for some odd reason, called him about his signature. Her address was listed, so that's how they figured out it was her.

After doing some background checking and getting the police involved, they discovered she has a rap sheet and is a known con artist! She applies for jobs where she has access to personal information and goes to town. Luckily they found out in time, before she wiped out his bank account.

The Doctor pressed charges, but they don't know if she's been arrested yet or not.

I always thought she was a bit off. She was in her 40s and wore belly shirts and sweat pants. And she had these really long fake nails with airbrushed pictures of things like palm trees and sunsets. And tiny jewels, for a bit of added sparkle.

As for MY personal information being compromised, I was assured that her MO is to go after the big money makers, and not the little people like me. So I guess sometimes it pays to be one of the little people. Which apparently I am one of.

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