Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pee Dreams

You know those dreams where you have to pee so badly in real life it gets incorporated into your dream? But when you try to pee in your dream there is no relief, and you can't figure out why you've been sitting on the toilet, or hunched down next to a tree, for a good 10 minutes with a steady stream, and the full bladder sensation will not go away?

I have those dreams a lot.

I am SO lucky that I don't wet the bed.

Last night I turned a typical pee dream into a nightmare. I was sitting on the toilet peeing away, but couldn't get rid of that full bladder feeling. Killing time, I looked into the tub, and horror of horrors, saw GIANT carpenter ants coming out of the drain. All I could think was that I had to finish peeing so I could kill them before they reached the wood, or our house would fall down. But there I was, stuck on the toilet, unable to save us, because the darn full bladder feeling wouldn't go away.

I finally woke up and went into the bathroom. I was a bit afraid to look in the direction of the tub, but finally made myself, and PHEW, no ants.

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