Thursday, October 11, 2007

Things That Annoy Me

I'm in a snarky mood.

1) The lack of social etiquette so pervasive in today's society. What happened to please, thank you, RSVPs, taking turns, and patience?

2) People who don't know how to merge. Think of a zipper, people!

3) Crooked wall hangings. I adjust wherever I go. I think someone is on to me, because every so often I'll come to work and all of my pictures will be severely off kilter.

4) Shoelaces that are too short to tie.

5) Nachos that don't have enough nacho cheese. The cheese is the whole point.

6) Having to speak to someone in another country when calling a local company's customer service line. A foreigner speaking English as a second language with a British accent from a teleprompter is incredibly hard to understand.

7) Other people's alarm clocks.

8) The carts at Trader Joe's. Besides the whole sideways roll thing, Gabi pulled on the side of the cart and it toppled right over. Luckily she was fine, but what is wrong with the kinds of carts used at other grocery stores?

9) Having to fold my stroller up and put it through the x-ray machine every time we go through airport security. Then being rushed out of the line before I've had a chance to set it back up again. We end up standing in the concourse, disheveled, barefoot,with a collapsed stroller and arms full of bags, not quite sure where to go to get it back together again.

10) Scary movie trailers on daytime television. They give me nightmares.

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