Friday, November 16, 2007

It's Okay To Cry

When will it be bedtime? I've only been home for two hours and I'm already completely worn out.

This morning Gabi woke up with a hacking cough, just like Gilberto's. So I made a Dr's appointment for 11:00. I shouldn't have given her any cough medicine this morning, because, of course, when she saw the doctor she was completely fine. I thought it would have worn off by then, but noooooo.

I also made an appointment for Gilberto to see HIS doctor, though it won't be until Monday afternoon. I hope he doesn't get pneumonia before then. I just discovered his hospital copay is $500 per day! He's had the cough for over a month, and it only recently got bad, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it stays steady through the weekend. Why am I so worried? He's insisting on working tomorrow. What is up with men?

When I got home Gilberto was here and Gabi was napping (a rare afternoon occurrence). I went to start dinner, and discovered that our entire pantry had been raided by ants. I finally figured out they were coming out of the dryer vent. Yuck. So I spent a good hour removing every last thing from the pantry, wiping it down, spraying the ants, and then putting everything back. Oh, and cleaning up all the water that came pouring out of the dryer vent hose. Which is what happens when it rains. Only it hasn't rained in a while, so I guess that explains why the dryer hasn't been working all that well the past month or so.

Gabi woke up from her nap with a fever. And a hacking cough. ARGH! I let her lay down on her Dora couch and watch Sesame Street. Today's show is highlighting feelings. And they had a song called It's Okay To Cry. As I was listening, I thought, hmm, maybe I should specify when it's not okay to cry, like when you want something. Just then Gabi turned to me and said, "Mommy, it's okay to cry! Like when I want something!"

Before I could respond, a knock on the door brought a Christmas package for Gabi. That I wouldn't, horror of horrors, let her open. My explanation that I was going to put the box away until Christmas sent her into crying hysterics, interspersed with hacking coughs, and snot pouring out of her nose. So that's when I specified that crying is okay when you're sad or having a tough day, but NOT when you don't get what you want.

It took a while, but she has finally settled back down in front of Sesame Street. I still haven't started dinner. And I have to keep saying No to a little voice from the living room asking me every five minutes if it's Christmas yet.

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  1. A Christmas package sent in mid-November? That's cruel.

    Hope everyone feels better soon. And I hope you don't get sick, too.


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